Automotive Business Solutions

             CalAtlantics video surveillance monitoring products and security services can dramatically improve the safety of your auto dealership. With the use of artificial intelligence and advanced formulas to filter out all unnecessary information, CalAtlantics video monitoring system and other security products streamline the way you protect your car dealership from security related threats. Whether its overseeing the transaction process between your employees and customers, or simply verifying the legitimacy of a claim, Cal Atlantics automotive business solutions have you covered.


Security solutions for auto dealerships include:


    InteleTraxs: Analytic video management capabilities means that you can automatically control camera features and customize the way you approach asset protection. The analytics applications intelligence reporting even gives you the ability to monitor your business in real time, with advanced features like measuring occupancy and traffic flow problems to better asses your performance.

    DealTraxs: The tool that acts as your eyes and ears from afar, CalAtlantics DealTraxs automotive solution innovates the way you protect and manage your valuable transactions by allowing owners and managers to see and hear how your employees are handling transactions and dealing with customers-all in real time, thus improving full disclosure and making it easier to monitor whether or not all Financial and Insurance regulations are being met.

    ServiceTraxs: When you need to know if your customer is making a valid claim or not, the features of ServiceTraxs make it so that you can verify the validity of that claim with ease. So instead of relying on a visual inspection from the ground, you can enhance your verification method with high quality audio and visual solutions.

    AutoTraxs: Track the movement and location of your vehicles and improve the overall security of your auto dealership with AutoTraxs.

    KetyTraxs: Gives you far greater control and increased avenues for oversight in terms of who is allowed in the building, in what areas of the building, at what times, not to mention the 24/7 access you have to immediately and from any location, shut down access to the building for any emergency.

    LumiTraxs: Intelligent lighting solutions for your automotive dealership means that you can program and control each and every light on your premises, in addition to the fact that LumiTraxs lights last an average of 25% longer than the traditional HID or LED lighting systems.