CalAltlantic’s Smarter Video Surveillance

On March 16, 2015 By admin

Remember a few years ago when video surveillance was used for capturing evidences of crimes or injuries? That was not so long ago. Now-a-days, video surveillance is still used in that way, but technology has advanced so much, that smart video surveillance can do way more for you than it could before. Small and large businesses alike are using smart video surveillance to help improve customer service, train employees, offer feedback and as a tool to make improvements to the organization as a whole.

Smart live video surveillance has become so accessible, that even small mom and pop businesses are using them to help them improve their day-to-day operations. The retail industry is particular has been able to take the most advantage from the evolution of video surveillance technologies. Car Dealerships can rest sure that their inventory is being protected while also being able to make decisions that will improve business!

A number of retail companies are using their smart video surveillance systems to make better decisions, to manage store operations, improve customer service and employee operations.

You may be asking yourself just how these smart video surveillance systems can help you improve your overall business operations… well here’s how!

A smart video surveillance system can help you with people counting. CalAtlantic’s systems feature the ability to accurately people count. This means that you are aware of the correct customer traffic, either at main entrances or throughout the various parts of the store, at all times! Being aware of customer traffic can allow you to place sales, etc. where clients are more likely to see them.

Another great feature of video surveillance systems is queue management. Cameras can detect queue length and can prompt store management to add or remove cashiers when needed. Queue management capabilities are widely used in grocery stores to keep wait times low or to utilize staff where needed. This is very valuable for grocery stores, as a low wait time equals customer satisfaction.

In order to better understand how customers interact with the store, live or remote video surveillance systems are also equipped with traffic analysis. This allows you to see a sort of map of the most popular areas of a store, helping retailers improve the layout of their store, etc.

Other advantages that come from smart video surveillance are knowing store peak traffic times, identifying the customers that walk in, where in the store customers go first, etc.

With the trend of video surveillance increasing, we are sure to see business owners taking advantage of all the great features that can substantially help a business. We know that 24/7 video surveillance is not just a one size fits all type of thing. We take the time to find the right fit for your business because we know that customer service is what’s most important!

CalAtlantic Surveillance Systems are highly effective because they are customized to meet each client’s specific needs. Because CalAtlantic’s Systems are adaptable from CCTV analog to an IP-based surveillance environment, they can offer a low cost-effective answer to many surveillance scenarios; they are interchangeable and can be installed brand new or integrated with an existing system.

CalAtlantic has the highest quality smart video surveillance systems in the industry! Our team of highly trained professionals is ready answer any questions you may have about any of our systems. If you think your business could benefit from one of our systems, give us a call today!

Protect Your Business with Live Video Monitoring

On March 2, 2015 By admin

Live video monitoring has become a security trend these past few years due to its real-time benefits. Now, you can easily monitor your business from all angles; plus, reviewing prior videos is not a problem since live video feeds can be saved in a storage device for future reference.

Business owners are often busy running other parts of the business; they simply do not have time to monitor and keep security in check with all the things they have to accomplish in a day. Live video monitoring helps businesses in many ways. Installing several video surveillance cameras around strategic points across your business’ location is a start. Then, these video surveillance devices are hooked up into one intelligent video surveillance system, and you’re ready to go!

However, you may not always be on-site to monitor your business via video surveillance; that’s why CalAtlantic enables each of its clients to remotely access their live video monitoring feeds! Just a quick login at any PC or laptop – you’ll automatically access instant, live feeds from your system! Due to live video monitoring, any security personnel can get all the extra vantage point they need in order to assure that your business will not suffer from theft, and other problems.

Worry-free Due to Live Video Monitoring

Imagine a world where you don’t need to worry about after-hours monitoring and surveillance for your business. With CalAtlantic’s after-hours remote video monitoring services, our security team provides you the peace of mind by preventing theft from your business. Our live video monitoring services eliminate the need for on-site security guards, translating into cost savings across the board!

How can live video monitoring exactly help you with running your business? Here’s a list:

  • Records events automatically captured live by your video surveillance system. This way, you can go back and review prior activities whenever, wherever!
  • Safeguards your business against theft. Now you can sleep tight knowing that you’ll never lose a single package again! Live video monitoring helps detect shoplifters easily, and with backup proof of criminal actions within your business!
  • Promotes employee welfare against false claims. Protect your business’ own interests against false claims. Easily solve employee-consumer problems with visual proof!
  • Protects your customers from ill-mannered employees!
  • Claims can be easily settled through rock-solid proof – that is, from your own video surveillance.
  • Keeps risks to a minimum! Now you can easily mitigate risks that come with your business. Planning and decision making are both easier to do due to video surveillance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • And many more!

How CalAtlantic’s Live Video Monitoring Services Can Help:

When it comes to theft prevention, you can rely on our effective system that starts with detection. Early on, we use our remote surveillance equipment to detect attempts at petty crime such as theft and vandalism before they take place and disrupt your operations. Once we have identified a possible threat, we alert local law enforcement in addition to coordinating with your operation’s managers. That’s how CalAltantic handles theft – we take it seriously.

CalAtlantic integrates multiple access control systems to provide our customers a seamless and dependable interactive security solution. Our unique approach to designing customized solutions creates the opportunity to reduce administrative costs and increase employee productivity. Added with live video monitoring solutions, CalAtlantic truly provides intelligent products and services that can protect your business from internal and external harm.

CalAtlantic is a leader in the security industry. We are more than just a Security Integrator, we are a Security Solution Provider. CalAtlantic designs, engineers, installs, monitors and services our client solutions on local, regional and national levels. We consider ourselves as a strategic partner for businesses who wants to protect their properties and interests.

Why settle for less? CalAtlantic has been proven to be one of the most effective leaders in security solutions, more likely for providing intelligent live video monitoring, as well as remote video surveillance for every business out there. As a security surveillance company, we constantly strive to develop our systems to meet the growing and changing needs of our clients. Our remote video monitoring products position you to save on your most valuable asset – time. Our cost-saving solutions can help your business save thousands of dollars through reliable loss prevention that you can count on.

Contact CalAtlantic today, and see how our intelligent live video monitoring service can protect you and your business.