Green Eco Series: Smart Video Monitoring Solution

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CalAtlantic Green Eco Series

The future of security is in the innovation of the tools that help us monitor and protect our property. That is why video surveillance solutions are now migrating from analog CCTV to intelligent IP surveillance systems that will enable you to remotely monitor your assets via the Internet. CalAtlantics’s Green Eco Series is the company’s IP video surveillance system that is made even more intelligent by combining it with the InteleTraxs Analytic Intelligence Software.

Green Eco Series: A feature-rich smart Video Monitoring Solution

The Green Eco Series is rich in features that put it on top of the all other video surveillance systems:

  • Emerging and Legacy Cameras to coexist on one platform
  • Flexible and scalable, producing longer life cycles than conventional video surveillance systems
  • DVR and NVR installations
  • Supports hundreds of camera and encoder models
  • Supports MPEG4, MJPEG, H.264
  • Intelligent yet User-Friendly Interface
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) Compliant – Provides Carbon Credits by eliminating multiple DVRs and/or current NVR technology
  • Open platform for multiple system integration
  • Rich API and OPC Interface
  • Video Analytics and Alarm Management
  • Supports Microsoft Active Directory

The Core Server also has features to boast:

  • Unlimited Number of Cameras per Server*
  • Unlimited Multi-server (Server Farm)
  • Unlimited Number of Sites
  • Unlimited Number of Client Connections
  • Support for Multiple Camera Types
  • Simultaneous Video Streamsfrom Single Camera
  • Network Video support (MJPEG / MPEG-4 / H.264)
  • Record on Motion (Video motion detection from camera)
  • Audio Recording Support
  • Record Locally –
  • Record to NAS / SAN / DAS
  • Record on Schedule – Record on Alarm
  • Multilanguage
  • Customizable User Access Levels
  • Symphony Web Client
  • PDA Client
  • Video Wall

The Green Eco Series is the intelligent video surveillance solution that you can trust so you can monitor your assets and properties from wherever you may be. Combined with the IntelleTraxs, the Green Eco Series is as intelligent as can be. For more information on the Green Eco Series, call us now at we’ll gladly help you by answering any questions you may have.

Supply Chain Logistics Products

On November 26, 2015 By admin

CalAtlantic is proud to present its line of intelligent supply chain logistics products – the InteleTraxs, the KeyTraxs, the FleetTraxs, and the LumiTraxs, each made to perform amazingly in their respective functionalities. 


InteleTraxs comes in two variants: the Analytics Video Management Solution, and the Interactive Video Monitoring Surveillance Solution.

The InteleTraxs Video Analytics Solution is CalAtlantic’s answer to a focused security monitoring. With InteleTrax, you can turn static cameras into your watchful eyes that can aid you in securing your assets. Powered by artificial intelligence, InteleTraxs can filter out irrelevant activities in the background so you can focus on the real deal. InteleTraxs will be the best choice for business who are in need of security tools with state-of-the-art search capabilities.

If you are not into AI, then the InteleTraxs Interactive Video Management Solution is for you. Pair up the system with our highly-trained specialist and you are ready to go with a security solution manned by security experts.

For more information on InteleTraxs, please visit the InteleTraxs page.


KeyTraxs is CalAtlantic’s solution to the expensive and troublesome effect of losing your keys. In the event that this happens, simply disable the lost card! No re-keying required. With KeyTraxs, you can customize the access level of each person so you will always be one step ahead in case someone tries to go to sensitive areas of your establishment.

KeyTraxs can be used for both doors and gates. What’s more is that KeyTraxs can be accessed remotely from anytime, anywhere so you would not need to be physically present should access be needed to be approved or denied.

For more information on KeyTraxs, please visit the KeyTraxs page.


FleetTraxs is the CalAtlantic product for tracking and monitoring your mobile assets. Powered by GPS and RFID technology, you will be able to instantly locate your assets from wherever in the world. What’s better is that the tracking tool can be removed only by authorized persons. With FleetTraxs and all its features, you will be able to manage your Fleet easier and better.

For more information on FleetTraxs, please visit the FleetTraxs page.


CalAtlantic has made even lighting more intelligent than ever. Combining our security solutions with smart lighting, CalAtlantic now allows you to easily program, monitor, and control your lighting for added security. What’s great is that our lights have a longer life than others and that these are low-cost and energy-efficient. But what’s even better is that LumiTraxs can be paired with the InteleTraxs and the FleeTraxs for maximum security of your video and mobile security solutions.

For more information on LumiTraxs, please visit the LumiTraxs page.


CalAlantic’s line of supply chain and logistics products is the top of the line. Supply chain and logistics solutions from others can’t get any smarter than CalAtlantic’s InteleTraxs, KeyTraxs, FleetTraxs, and LumiTraxs. Interested in getting intelligently secured? Call us now and we can make your security system smarter than ever!