CalAtlantic’s Inspection Services

On March 12, 2016 By admin

When it comes to protecting your business and valuable employees and customers, you all deserve only the best security system and corresponding inspection services on the market. With a comprehensive, 24-hour video surveillance system that runs on the most advanced technology available, the security products offered at CalAtlantic will help protect and secure your business the way it should be protected-as a whole.

As a business owner, you are likely already aware of the extensive list of potential threats to safety and compromises in security which exist today, as well as how overwhelming it can be to contend with all those forces day in and day out. With the security inspection services of CalAtlantic, you won’t have to worry about taking on such a huge responsibility by yourself, because the security measures and services provided by CalAtlantic allow for a comprehensive solution to all of your business security needs!

CalAtlantic’s all inclusive approach to business security is ideal for protecting the assets and people which make your business a success, around the clock, and from all angles. Take the surveillance systems for example, that when placed strategically throughout a place of business, will help deter crime drastically. The intelligent placement of video surveillance will also help protect your business by recording any and all activity in areas you wouldn’t previously had complete visual access to, like the delivery area and storage rooms, thus deterring employee theft as well.

What makes this security component of CalAtlantic’s inspection services a comprehensive solution concerns the analysis of video, and how such analytics can inform future strategies for business security and protection. Therefore, you can be assured that your business is being safeguarded by the best security solutions, whether you are on the premises or not.

Another security measure featured in the inspection services provided by CalAtlantic is a state-of-the-art access control solution that allows for keyless security to the most vulnerable areas of your business, thus allowing for pinpoint accuracy when it comes to who is permitted to be where and during which hours of the day.

Similarly, the business automation security feature makes it possible for you to remote control certain security options for your business from a distance or automatically, which will greatly improve energy efficiency as well as the overall productivity of your workers. Likewise, consider how the intelligent security lighting can help reduce energy costs while increasing the overall safety of your workplace as well!

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of Cal Atlantic’s inspection services is the burglar alarm monitoring system, a security solution which integrates the safeguarding of all points of entry into your business, as well as vaults and safe systems, by equipping those areas with extremely sensitive alarms and sensors which will alert you and all authorities as soon as a breach has occurred. Additionally, the fire and life safety component of Cal Atlantic’s security system will enhance the safety of all your valuable customers and employees by detecting any threats related to natural disasters, such as fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

So no matter what the threat or potential criminal activity is posing a danger to your business, you can trust the expertise and exceptional inspection services provided by Cal Atlantic.

Surveillance System Maintenance and Service

On March 8, 2016 By admin

The comprehensive security and management system of your business requires a compatible and consistent system maintenance plan in order to keep all services functioning at their optimum potential. Not only does CalAtlantic provide you with an exceptional security management and asset protection system, we also facilitate the system maintenance and service of all our business solutions. Through a preventative maintenance inspection, our professional support and service technicians can guarantee the continued success of the surveillance and security system protecting your business operation. As the risk for loss and theft continues to increase every year, it is vital to have a security system that can stay ahead of the curve, and that is why CalAtlantic’s comprehensive system maintenance routine will cover all of the fundamentals, as well as the fine details. Some of the services included with our system maintenance include:

  1. Testing of the control panel in order to gauge the efficiency of sirens and alarms
  2. Inspecting of the real time surveillance systems
  3. Examining the effectiveness of the response for all alarm detection systems
  4. Inspecting of the power supply for any malfunctions or potential problems
  5. Examination of the alarm device itself for issues
  6. A comprehensive implementation of all recent updates to the hardware or software of the security system
  7. A routine inspection of all compliance standards in order to check that all local, state, and federal standards are being observed with the way your business surveillance operates

In order to mitigate risk as much as possible, it is essential to have a regular system maintenance check performed by the experienced technicians at CalAtlantic so as to keep the business security management aspect of your enterprise running smoothly. Because when it comes to protecting your assets and managing security risks, a comprehensive approach needs a comprehensive system maintenance plan to get the job done every time.

Security Surveillance Resolutions You Need to Know

On March 3, 2016 By admin

As we make our way through 2016 and confront the problems and challenges of the new year and rapidly evolving technology, now is the time for business owners to begin reassessing their security surveillance systems.

The potential for loss is huge if your business is not adequately equipped with an up-to-date and comprehensive surveillance system, and even one breach in security could spell disaster for any small enterprise. Therefore, it is in your best interest to set yourself the goal of improving security and surveillance systems at your place of business for the year of 2016 and beyond.

In an effort to help you in taking the steps towards improving the surveillance system in your business, here are 5 ways of enhancing the security and protection at your place of business.

  1. Strategic placement and monitoring of surveillance cameras:A surveillance system that operates with a sophisticated video surveillance component is the ideal way to ensure not only the security of your business, but also the safety and well being of your employees and customers.

    Surveillance cameras also help protect your business by both deterring and catching thieves, as the presence of cameras is often enough to thwart criminals, but should a burglary take place, you will at least have the crime on camera.

  2. Enhanced alarm systems:Working in tandem with a comprehensive surveillance system, an alarm component can dramatically improve the security of your business by immediately alerting the authorities if anyone unauthorized has entered the premises.

    An alarm system will also help enhance safety and security at your business by limiting access to only certain employees at specific times, thus allowing you to control who can go when and where during business hours.

  3. Computer security:One way to protect a business that is often forgotten includes protecting the security of a business’s information.

    Information security measures, like having a corporate network for all files created so that employees cannot copy files to internal disks, which would compromise the confidential information of your business and your customers, is one way to help improve information safety and security. Moreover, this allows for management to have the ability to track and see who has access to what files, what files have been edited, etc.

  4. Security guards:Depending on what industry your business operates in, it often makes sense to hire a security service to patrol the premises, sometimes after business hours at least.

    A security guard on duty during hours can also be beneficial by making your employees and customers feel safer.

  5. Create good habits and be proactive when it comes to the overall safety and security of your business and the people who work for you: It pays to be diligent when it comes to safety, so even if a lot of your surveillance system is automatic, remember that it is often the little things-like always checking locked doors, changing smoke detector and carbon monoxide batteries regularly, and sticking to a routine to help memory when closing down for the night-that can make the big difference to your business.