CalAtlantic Access Control System

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Never re-key your facility again with CalAtlantic’s intelligent access control system!

CalAtlantic can turn your place of business into a secured facility with the help of the CalAtlantic Access Control System. Our state-of-the-art access control system allows you to further secure the sensitive areas of your business by limiting, controlling, and monitoring who can enter such areas.

The standard CalAtlantic Access Control System is equipped with the ability to control the doors and limit how many times a person can gain access to get inside. Access rights can be customized and easily restricted. Access rights can be customized for doors, elevator floors, and even computers. These rights can be tailored to correspond to business hours and holidays.

Gain the ability to identify the persons inside your facility by providing badges which will help you monitor the location of each them. Different badge designs and colors can help identify the level of access that each will be given. A personalized badge can be given for the different departments, for vendors, and for guests.

The CalAtlantic Access Control System also allows remote management so you can have full control 24 hours, 7 days a week, and from wherever you may be. Deliveries at odd hours would mean no more problems thanks to this feature!

Benefits and Features

The CalAtlantic Access Control System is an intelligent security tool which allows you to enjoy the following features, as well as their corresponding benefits:

1. Keyless yet fully secured facility

Our Access Control System provides reliable and dependable security without having to rely on keys. Key-dependent security go with high risks. Losing your keys would require you to change your locks or security mechanism which can be very costly and impractical. With the CalAtlantic Access Control System, you can simply deactivate a lost access badge to maintain security. Keys simply don’t keep up with the security demands of the modern world.

2. Completely customizable security system for tailored-fit access

Provide customized access that would match exactly how much a person needs. Keep unauthorized persons from highly sensitive areas of your facility. Easily identify the level of access a card has with different badge designs and colors.

3. Provide stronger security that matches your needs.

Integrate biometrics for an added level of security. Track personnel and control computer access. Provide independent department controls, each optimized with the needed level of access. Manage multiple sites, even those located on the other side of the world.

4. Remotely manage your access control system.

Ensure security from wherever and whenever with remote management capabilities. Immediately suspend access cards with no hassle of being in the facility. Allow supervised deliveries even if you’re not around. Receive notifications via text, voice, or email, when a condition you set is met like when someone enters a vitally sensitive area of your facility.

Be smart, get the CalAtlantic Access Control System now!

Our Access Control System is indeed smart and your facility should be, too! You deserve the high level of security that it provides. So call us now and be intelligently secured all thanks to the one and only CalAtlantic Access Control System!

CalAtlantic Offers Great Inspection Services!

On July 20, 2016 By admin

Let’s face it: while owning and operating a business can be one of the most rewarding professions for an individual or a family, the risks and potential hazards associated with running a business in the 21st century are more challenging than ever before. Whether you are dealing with threats to your physical security from criminals and thieves, protecting your bottom line from theft within your company, or simply monitoring your day-to-day transactions with the customer, there are a multitude of elements that a business must be aware of at all times in order to be appropriately protected from harm. Realistically though, it’s nearly impossible for one person, or even a team of people, to be able to perform this immense task of monitoring the various inspections needed to keep a business safe 24 hours a day; instead, what your business needs is a reliable security system that is equipped with state-of-the-art inspection services to do this job for you!

When it comes to comprehensive business security, nothing protects your company, your employees, and your customers quite like the inspections services from CalAtlantic, and since protecting and ensuring the security and safety of your facility and your clients is a full-time job, why not leave it to the professionals? Let’s take a closer look at some of the inspection services that CalAtlantic can provide for your business:

Surveillance systems: When installed in the most strategic locations around your facility, a video surveillance system can be one of the most effective inspection services in preventing theft and reducing loss.

Access control: One of the most innovative of CalAtlantic’s security solutions, keyless access to your facility dramatically improves the safety of your business by allowing you to customize who is granted access to any room in your facility.

Burglar alarm monitoring system: By instantly notifying the closest authorities whenever a security breach occurs, the burglar alarm monitoring system will help prevent theft and protect your business from even the most clever of criminals.

Fire and Life safety: Fire and life safety inspection services from CalAtlantic monitor and protect your entire business for signs of fire and other natural disasters, giving you the peace of mind that you need to successfully run your company.

Business automation: This inspection service gives you the ability to remotely control security options and other automated office controls, which not only increase business security, but improves the daily efficiency and productivity of your employees.

Business analytics: Analytics can work to further enhance security solutions by allowing you to quickly transition from analog to IP surveillance.

Security lighting: Finally, an intelligent lighting system from Cal Atlantic can dramatically lower your energy costs while at the same time, increase the level of security on your premises with improved visibility and thus less areas of darkness for criminals to operate under.

Now that you are familiar with some of the effective inspection services offered by CalAtlantic and how they can provide your business with the safety and security you need, be sure to get in touch with the security experts at CalAtlantic today to see how they can help you!

Security cameras can help prevent theft

On July 14, 2016 By admin

Picture this: You are sitting at home during a quiet evening this summer and happen to look out your window only to witness two men suspiciously pacing around your neighbor’s car, and then after a few more minutes of this odd behavior, they break into the vehicle, turn on the light, and take off. Unfortunately this is an altogether too common scenario, and this witness’s story described above actually took place this month, in Antelope. What’s even more unfortunate however, is the fact that these thieves have not yet been caught and remain free, as is the case with so many of the car thieves and home burglars who continue to rob innocent people all across the state. So the question then becomes, since thieves can be difficult to catch after a crime has been committed, even more so when there are no witnesses or camera recordings of the event taking place, how can we try to make a criminal less likely to approach a property for the means of robbing it in the first place? One of the most efficient ways of deterring criminal activity for homes and businesses alike is the proper installation and use of security cameras. In order to get a more thorough understanding of why security camera systems from professional security experts at CalAtlantic for example, lets look at some of the reasons why having such a system can dramatically improve how well your home is protected from thieves, car jackers, and other criminal activity.

Reason number one: Security cameras themselves are a deterrent to crime. As simplistic as it may sound, just having a visible presence of security cameras around your home can be an instant signal to a potential thief to go elsewhere. When someone is considering to rob your house or are already casing your property and they realize the presence of a camera, the natural reaction of that person will likely be to flee the scene, as they know that once they have seen the camera it means that the camera has already seen them, thus recording the fact that they were there.
Reason number two: Quality security cameras from CalAtlantic are ideal for protecting your home because the advanced technology works more as a comprehensive unit to establish better protection. You could install cameras all around your home to try and catch every angle or movement, or you could invest in top of the line security cameras from CalAtlantic that are made to not only deter crime, but to catch any and all movement and activity in and around your home, while giving you the ability to respond in real time. Motion-activated cameras, night-vision cameras, and high-definition cameras are just some of the examples of security cameras provided by CalAtlantic.

Reason number three: Placement of security cameras is almost as important as the security cameras themselves. In addition to having a visible camera presence to deter crime, your home will also be better protected when you have those cameras installed professionally so as to place them in areas where they are most effective and most needed. Many experts for instance, advice homeowners to have security cameras pointed at every access point in their home, and to angle those cameras at eye level so as to take advantage of facial recognition technology in the event that someone does break in to your home.
Reason number four: If your home is burglarized or if someone does happen to steal your car, you can dramatically improve the odds of catching the criminal with security cameras and similar home protection products from CalAtlantic. The technology behind security camera systems makes it possible for authorities to gain important information and detailed descriptions about the act and perpetrator of a crime that would not otherwise be available without innovative security experts like those at CalAtlantic.