CalAtlantic Surveillance Services

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CalAtlantic offers a full range of services for any security or management solutions. These security products and systems are top of the line and we are constantly striving to improve our services to make sure that our customers are receiving the best possible quality that can be delivered. Some of the most commonly requested client services include Live Video Remote Surveillance with fully interactive voice control from our National Communication and Information Specialists, Remote Monitoring Services for fire and life safety products, burglar alarms; both UL and FM certified approved centers, as well as inspection and system maintenance services.

Live Video Remote Surveillance

The live video remote surveillance is by far one of our most popular services. When we set up this system in your office or warehouse it allows you the freedom to constantly monitor your space. You can access the live feed via your computer or smartphone from anywhere around the world, giving you the peace of mind that your merchandise or inventory is safe and protected.

Another benefit to this service is that it allows a boss to work remotely and ensure that his/her employees are still on task. Be sure to notify employees in that situation that you do have surveillance cameras set up in the office for their safety, and with that knowledge they will be motivated to perform their best whether boss is on site or not.

Remote Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our remote monitoring services function for more than just surveillance cameras. In fact, a popular service is a monitoring system specifically for fire alarms or other life safety products. Detecting a fire early is the key difference between losing everything keeping damages at a low, manageable level. These monitoring services allow you to find out about a potential hazard, much quicker by notifying you remotely when there is an immediate danger. Not only are you informed, but also the first responders. The system sends out a faster transmission signal to the monitoring station (EMS) which directly notifies the first responders and gets them there even faster.

Burglar Alarms

CalAtlantic wants to give you peace of mind when you are away and another common service in providing that is a reliable burglar alarm system. Our burglar alarms are not only top of the line systems, but we also install a built in monitoring system, similar to that of the fire alarms. We will remotely notify you and the authorities in the event of a break in, so you can know that your building, belongings and the people inside will be well-protected.

Inspection and Maintenance

Safety and security systems sometimes go quite a long time without being inspected. The time to find out that your fire alarm system has a problem is not the day of the fire. In order prevent devastating loss, we recommend regular inspections of all monitoring systems. Our technicians are well equipped to perform those inspections, diagnose any potential problems and quickly provide needed maintenance. Legally, fire alarms must be inspected once annually, and we highly recommend that during that annual inspection you have the other systems checked as well.

We offer anything from risk management and remote loss; live remote video monitoring, burglar and fire alarm monitoring, inspection services, to system maintenance and service.

How Video Surveillance Can Help Combat Drug Diversion

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Hospitals implement video surveillance to help reduce drug diversion problem

A hospital is an institution that is unique in it’s need to adhere to safety standards, security protocols, and hazardous waste guidelines, and as such,there are a number of mechanisms that are used to meet these requirements. The security of a hospital includes not just the sterility and safety of the building which are both paramount to keeping all patients and staff safe from disease and danger, but also the accurate and legal movement of drugs throughout the hospital.

Special precautions must be taken for controlled substances

Typically, a hospital pharmacy will take a range of precautions when it comes to protecting controlled substances from the major problem known as drug diversion. Drug diversion refers to the process that occurs when someone with a legally prescribed medication transfers that prescription to another individual, illicitly. This continues to be an issue that hospitals and pharmacies must deal with across the nation and as a result, they have been given the responsibility of abiding by and maintaining the federal and state laws and regulations that govern the transfer and processing of controlled medical substances.

Some of the standards set for hospital pharmacies regarding the handling of controlled substances include:

-Controlled substances must be kept in a separate and secured area that only a licensed pharmacist has access to.
-Physical barriers must be maintained between the controlled substances and patients and non-credentialed individuals.

-Those with authorization to the controlled substances must be clearly identified with credentials at all times.

That final standard listed above, the one that deals with having identifying credentials for all hospital staff and personnel with access to the controlled substances, is of particular importance because this is where surveillance comes into play when combatting the drug diversion problem. Video surveillance and security measures are especially valuable in this circumstance for hospital pharmacies for two primary reasons: first, a video surveillance system working with a cooperating access control unit can decrease unwarranted persons from accessing the controlled substance area, and second, video recordings can assist in cases of fraud and theft.

Video surveillance works simultaneously with other security methods for strict access control

Illegal handling and transferring of controlled substances in a hospital setting (drug diversion) is greatly reduced when there are a limited number of people who have access to the drugs, while controlling and monitoring entry points at all times. One way to accomplish this is with the strategic use of high resolution network video surveillance cameras, connected with an access control system to grant entry to privileged areas based on whether or not someone has the appropriate credentials.

If a drug diversion incident occurs, video surveillance systems can dramatically improve odds of finding the culprit

Since it’s practically impossible to eliminate all issues related to the mishandling and illicit transferring of controlled substances in a hospital setting, it’s important to have resources that will help come to a conclusion in cases of drug diversion. A video surveillance system is the ideal resource in this instance as well, because using the footage from the surveillance recordings you can see who had access to the substances, at which time, for how long, etc.

The information provided by a video surveillance camera could prove invaluable in a drug diversion investigation, which perhaps is why organizations like the International Association of Healthcare Safety and Security, and the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists publish guidelines recommending that hospitals take similar steps to protect the management of controlled substances.

Auto Theft Caught on Surveillance Video

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According to local authorities in the area of New Orleans known as Gentilly, early during the morning of December 29 last year an auto theft was captured on surveillance cameras. The car thief was caught on tape shortly after 1 am breaking into the Mazda vehicle that was parked next to several other vehicles lining the street of the neighborhood. Despite being caught on tape, the suspect has yet to be brought to justice and the car has not been returned to its rightful owner.

The footage from the surveillance camera reveals just how quickly an auto theft can take place once a thief is on the premises and knows which vehicle he wants to steal. The video of the surveillance footage shows that from the time that the suspect in the New Orleans car theft approaches the vehicle, it takes him a total of 40 seconds to break into the car without setting off an alarm, start the car, back up and pull away.

Auto Dealership Loss Prevention using surveillance cameras

Now using this recent auto theft example, let’s take a look at how and why surveillance cameras are an essential component in preventing theft for auto dealerships in particular, as well as how surveillance products from CalAtlantic can assist in an investigation, were one to occur.

• Surveillance cameras help prevent loss and protect your assets: Auto theft prevention methods can be greatly improved when you enhance the efficiency of your car dealership’s video analytics and the technology which runs it. For example, a successful auto theft prevention program involves the placement of the cameras and the angles of visibility seen by the camera. The purpose of strategic camera placement as advised by security experts at CalAtlantic, is to increase the level of overall surveillance you have over your auto dealership, allowing you to catch and record all activity on tape, thus dramatically improving the odds of catching the culprit in cases of a crime.

• Auto dealerships have a unique need for oversight and control: Two of the main benefits associated with the surveillance solutions provided by CalAtlantic are the ability to oversee and control who has access to your inventory and at what times, in order to reduce the chances of theft. Not only does a surveillance camera system help to catch a thief in the act, the presence of cameras alone in fact help to deter criminals from entering the premises and stealing in the first place! When someone approaches a car with the intent of stealing it and are alerted to a camera just above their head recording their every move, they will more than likely rethink what they are about to do.

• Surveillance cameras from CalAtlantic can be integrated into almost any existing security system: If the fact that you need to integrate an existing system with the updated surveillance products of CalAtlantic makes you pause, you will be happy to know that this is a common circumstance that many auto dealerships experience. One of the reasons why CalAtlantic is the ideal surveillance option for automotive dealerships is that most of the products can be integrated with what you already have invested in. This makes it so that you don’t need to spend a fortune on completely revamping your surveillance security system is you can’t afford it.

So whether the situation concerns monitoring the transactions between employee and customer, around the clock audio and visual surveillance, and even inventory tracking, CalAtlantic supplies automotive dealers with multiple product options to solve these and other issues related to protection, security, and surveillance.

Vehicle Stolen While Warming Up in Fast Food Parking Lot

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Surveillance footage captures an auto theft while vehicle was warming up

MAPLEWOOD, MO – Exclusive surveillance video served as a vital tool in identifying criminals of a winter auto theft in Missouri during December 2016.

Marquita Wright, an employee of Jack in the Box, went outside right before her shift ended to start and warm up her Mercury Milan that was parked right outside the restaurant. That was the last time she saw her van undamaged.

“I turned the car on to let it heat up. I came back maybe fifteen minutes later, and it was gone,” she said.

The security video that was recording in the parking lot shows the suspects’ vehicle, a black Chrysler Town & Country, enter the Jack in the Box parking lot from Manchester Road. They had one purpose and it only took them a minute or two to accomplish their goal.

The culprit’s van strategically backed into a parking space right next to Wright’s vehicle at approximately 7 am. One man exited the passenger side of the van, immediately entered the unlocked car, and together the car and van promptly exit the parking lot and leave the surveillance perimeter of the security cameras.

This type of occurrence might not be as unpredictable and random as you might think. Maplewood Police Detective, David Brown, said that many drivers become a little to trusting during cold weather months and criminals have taken notice. They cruise around, deliberately searching for unattended vehicles that are left to warm up outside homes, restaurants, and gas stations.

“It’s not a particular person they’re targeting. It’s just an opportunity to find a vehicle that’s left running, with the keys inside,” Brown said.

Thanks to the license plate information delivered by the videos, the suspects’ van was reported stolen and located in Maplewood, Brown said. Wright’s stolen car was eventually found abandoned in north St. Louis. However, this van was not found in the condition one might have hoped. The criminals had set fire to all the seats and destroyed the interior of the car, so as to not leave any trace or evidence.

Maplewood Police are hoping surveillance video will help them with finding the men responsible for the auto theft.

“It’s sad, because it’s my transportation to get back and forth to work, and to get my children to where they need to go. For somebody to steal it, and I just got done paying for it,” Wright said.

As comfortable as it is to warm up your car prior to using it, it is advised that you never leave your car unattended. It may be a challenge to withstand freezing temperatures during these cold winter months, but it will be more of a challenge to locate and recover a stolen vehicle.

“If you’re going to have a car running, be outside and be in the car. Otherwise, maybe purchase a remote start system. That way people can’t drive away with it. It is [expensive] but it might be worth it. It’s cheaper than having to replace your vehicle,” he said.

CalAtlantic offers industry-leading video surveillance cameras that will protect your assets during situations like Wright’s. When dealing with auto theft, whether from a home, a dealership or any public location, video surveillance is relied upon heavily and significantly increases the chances of finding the criminals and recovering your assets.