This month’s top 10 surveillance videos

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This week’s Top 10 Surveillance Videos: From a burglary suspect making herself a snack, to a grocery store parking lot robbery of a 76 year-old woman

Having a video surveillance system pays off in many ways-one of the most important being that crimes and other bizarre incidents are often caught on tape. For a look a some of the latest footage caught on surveillance videos, here is a list of the top 10 surveillance videos of the week!

1. Woman makes herself something to eat after breaking into home and stealing from property owners: Surveillance footage from a home in Sandy, Utah shows a woman entering into the residence earlier this week and stealing from the homeowner, Michael Antzcak. The authorities were further surprised by the video recording, linked to below, that also reveals the suspect taking the time to peruse through Antzcak’s refrigerator and then make herself breakfast. Watch it here.

2. Shocking video surveillance footage of suspect in Pasadena Cheesecake Factory Explosion: The FBI released the footage of the man believed to have been the one responsible for placing, and then detonating an explosive device inside of the Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Pasadena, California. Thankfully, no one was injured during the original February incident.

3. Home video surveillance records mother protecting her family from an almost intruder: On Monday of this week, a mother in Miami Gardens, Florida thwarted a potential burglar to her home by greeting him at the front door with her shotgun that she used to scare the intruder away. While the suspect is still at large, the authorities are hoping that the video surveillance footage will help bring him in. Watch it here.

4. Police in Springettsbury Township released two videos from surveillance footage related to robbery of 76 year-old woman in a Pennsylvania grocery store parking lot: Surveillance captured the women being pushed to the ground as she tried to resist her purse being stolen from her by the robber. Watch it here.

5. Video camera records group of teenage boys attempting to break into cars in Northeast Heights neighborhood in New Mexico: Security footage from homeowner’s camera reveals teens scoping out the neighborhood before attempting to break into several cars. Watch it here.

6. NYPD release surveillance video of man robbing the Lucky Garden restaurant in New Brighton, on Wednesday, March 29th: The brief clip that lasts just over one minute shows the man demanding cash while pretending to hide a gun in his sweatshirt pocket; police say the footage is being used to track down the suspect. Watch it here.

7. Albuquerque apartment complex uses video surveillance footage to identity the culprit behind the fireworks which sparked the fire that ruined or damaged 58 vehicles: Thanks to the camera in the parking lot of the complex, the manager was able to see the fireworks coming from the balcony of a neighboring apartment complex to hers, thus giving authorities the evidence they needed.
Watch it here.

8. Surveillance footage in Cedar Rapids, Iowa helps identity suspect in February car break-ins: The public safety spokesman for the city even said of the footage, “This is a great example of quality surveillance footage that helped lead to an arrest”-Greg Buelow.

9. Home surveillance footage shows suspect stealing packages in Miami Gardens, Florida: Thanks to the placement of the camera, the face of the suspect was caught on video.

10. Bus surveillance camera captures elderly man coming to rescue of bus driver: Ending on a positive note, this video shows a Good Samaritan of Kansas City, Missouri used his cane to fight off the attacker who was choking the bus driver.

Security Camera Catches-What-Steve-Wyatt-Hoped-to-Never-See

Security Camera Catches What Steve Wyatt Hoped to Never See

On March 22, 2017 By admin

On the streets of Newport News, Virginia, residents are becoming a little too familiar with being victims of crime. According to Movoto Real Estate, this city was ranked the 10th most dangerous city in Virginia. Residents such as Steve Wyatt need to know what they can do to protect themselves from frequent crime.

Wyatt felt a sense of urgency to set up protection for his family. Their cars had been broken into twice in 2016 even with basic precautions like hiding belongings in the car and locking the doors.

“You feel absolutely violated,” Wyatt described. To try to avoid that feeling again, he decided to install home security cameras. He had them setup to monitor his vehicles and entrances to his home.

Unfortunately, Wyatt’s fears were realized when yet again a criminal targeted his vehicle to break into. However, this criminal had no clue that he was actually being watched. Wyatt has now taken that security camera footage with the man’s face clearly visible, and distributed it to news stations and police stations all across his area. As they show this video to the public, someone is bound to recognize the criminal and hopefully turn him in.

“The worst part is having kids and worrying about them. The one whose window is right there is having trouble sleeping, because for him the Boogey Man is now real,” said Wyatt.

Nobody wants their family to feel that worry and fear. Because crime is always a risk, no matter where you live, it is so important to educate yourself on the precautionary actions that will best protect you and your family in a bad situation. Wyatt chose home security cameras, but you might want to consider what options would be best tailored to meet your needs.