local storage vs cloud storage

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Video Surveillance cameras are the new and great things when it comes to home and business protection. When deciding on what kind of system you want, there is one aspect that you need to consider. Do you want to store all your video data locally, or in the cloud? One is not necessarily better than the other; it all depends on your wants and needs. Here are a few items to help you make the right decision for you.

Local Video storage means that your cameras will have some type of microSD card in the camera. You put one in each camera, and all your recordings get recorded onto the card. Most cards will hold anywhere from 16GB to 128GB worth of storage. Your options from this point are to set the cameras to store an ongoing continuous feed of video, or you can set the camera up to only record when motion activated. Once your card is full you can then choose to either record over your previous recording, or save the card and get a new one.

Some people like this option because they don’t have to pay for a service to manage their videos. However, you would have to keep in mind the cost of microSD cards. One thing to take into consideration is how often you want to record video. If you only want to record video when you are away from your home, or at night, this might be the right option. If nothing suspicious happens while you are recording, it’s very easy to record over old video feed and keep using the same micro SD card. If you do not want to tape over old footage, then you will be spending quite a bit of money continually buying new microSD cards.

Cloud Video storage uses the same technology that smart phones use when storing things in “The Cloud”. Ah yes, the infamous “Cloud”! This method has become increasingly popular with the growth of technology. With a high population having some kind of smart device, Cloud storage can be monitored literally anywhere. With Cloud storage, all your data that is collected and then sent to an off site remote server. Thru apps you are able to retrieve this data from your phone, tablet or computer. For monthly fees you are able to record video feed constantly 24/7 and not have to worry about your microSD card filling up. It is a very convenient option for someone that is not onsite at the location where the cameras are. If you are wanting constant coverage and are not able to be onsite to change out microSD cards, this would be the option for you.

If you want to take it one step further, At CalAtlantic, their Video analytics IP video surveillance is more than just recorded video data. Real-time information alerts, advanced event-based search of archived video data, and on-demand reports are just some of the intelligent features available. This is a great option if you are wanting more than just a camera at your front door. If you have a large property, or a business that you want surveillance for, CalAtlantic has some great options.

There really is no “right” answer. Its really a matter of preference and what your needs are. There are a bunch of other things to consider when looking into security cameras, but your major first decision should be what kind of storage you are wanting. Start there and that will help narrow down the field of devices available and it will help you understand the features that matter most to you.



CalAtlantic Security Systems

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We all know that technology is growing at a rapid pace. Older generations are constantly telling us stories about when they were younger and didn’t have all the high tech gadgets that the younger generations have. I can only imagine what the future holds for future generations and the technology that will exist.

When it comes to security of our property, methods have definitely changed over the years. Gone are the days of neighbors watching out for funny business happening at your property while you are out of town. Most people now a days don’t even know their neighbors, or know them well enough to let them know they will be gone and to look for suspicious activity. We live in a world where most people have to look out for themselves. There are a wide variety of home security systems on the market today. I’m sure you have probably had a few of them come and knock on your door, or even seen a video or two of thwarted would-be robbers online. Just by having a security system at your home doesn’t mean that nothing bad will ever happen, but here are a few reasons that show how having a security system can give you peace of mind that your property will be watched over and protected.

Security cameras: Cameras are one of the best ways to help protect your property. Some of the benefits include:

* Increased security and safety: Having security cameras can sometimes make would be thieves change their mind. If they see a camera and know that your property is being watched, they might change their mind and leave your property alone.

* Prevention of false claims: If there is ever a situation that causes you to have to make a claim, or someone makes a claim against you, having video proof is the best way to keep things honest. Video proof is hard to contest.

* Real-time monitoring from your own computer: Being able to view live feeds of your surveillance cameras is a great way to have peace of mind that your property is safe. If you are on vacation, or just away from your house for any length of time, being able to check in and make sure things are fine is very comforting.

* Digital storage: Digital storage is a feature that can help so many people. It can help you by having your video stored off site, so it is invulnerable to inside or outside attempts to disable or erase the recorded video streams. Cameras are easy to smash, which perpetrators think would destroy all evidence of anything it had recorded. However, digital storage can’t be destroyed on site. Having video surveillance stored off site can help you if you are needing to watch video feed from a previous day.

* Visual evidence for investigations: If a break-in occurs, it helps to have a clear picture of the perpetrator. Well-placed security cameras can catch footage of the crime, assisting authorities in their investigation

* Single remote monitoring: How many of you have multiple remotes to operate one single entertainment system? CalAtlantic’s surveillance options are fully adaptable from CCTV analog to an IP-based system so that you can remotely manage everything from a single remote device. The beauty of CalAtlantic’s system is that you only need one device to operate the whole system!

There are many options when deciding what kind of surveillance system you want for your residence. CalAtlantic Surveillance Systems are highly effective because they are customized to meet each client’s specific needs. So give them a call and see if they can find a right system for all your needs.

CalAtlantic’s Lighting Solutions that are Perfect for Businesses

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Whether at the home or at the office we all use lighting systems in our daily lives, but not all of us are using them as efficiently as we could be. As electricity and energy costs continue to skyrocket, home and business owners are always on the lookout for more cost-effective ways of lighting their homes and office buildings without having to sacrifice on quality. But how can a lighting system that runs on efficient, energy-saving technology also provide quality lighting solutions?

Intelligent lighting solutions can save you more than money
CalAtlantic’s SmartPod Lighting Solutions are the perfect combination of security and efficiency and can make all the difference in protecting your property without costing you an arm and a leg to do it. Just think about how often you depend upon the lights throughout the building to illuminate your surroundings, making it safer and easier for you to move around. Now think back to the last time one or more of your lights wasn’t working and how much of an impact it had on your daily activities. With the SmartPod Lighting solutions from CalAtlantic, each individual light can be easily programmed to a network that gives you total control over the lighting system, making it less likely that you will find yourself in a compromising situation without access to lights.

Better efficiency and better control with CalAtlantic lighting system
Not only does the SmartPod lighting solution afford you better control over each aspect of your lighting system, it also ends up costing far less money in the long run as compared to traditional lighting solutions:

  • Average 25% longer lamp life than fluorescent or LED lights, thus less maintenance and money spent on replacing expired lights
  • Features like dimming, motion detection sensors, and daylight sensors dramatically improve the efficiency of your energy expenditure without you having to manually do anything
  • CalAtlantic’s lighting solutions can work in conjunction with whatever set up you are currently working with, which can also save you money on replacement costs since you won’t need to rewire your whole system

CalAtlantic’s Lighting Solutions can be combined with other security products

For a comprehensive approach to lighting and security measures, CalAtlantic’s lighting solutions can be combined with the Green Eco Series Solutions, CalAtlantic’s advanced IP surveillance solution. By combining the capabilities of both these CalAtlantic lighting and surveillance solutions, you can

rest assured that your entire facility will not only be protected and monitored at all hours of the day, but that your energy bills will not explode as a result. Imagine the peace of mind you can give yourself knowing that you can check the status of your building with the click of a button, or a glance at screen-all without having to pay the premier price.

Whatever the lighting needs of your business or home are, whether it be better control and automation or simply reduced costs, there is a CalAtlantic lighting solution for you. Never underestimate all that an intelligent lighting system can do for you or your business!

The Benefits of Live Remote Video Monitoring

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CalAtlantic has a great remote video monitoring service that you can check out here. One main benefit of having a live remote video monitoring service is that it eliminates the need for on-site security guards. On-site security guards can be an added expense and an added headache to have to deal with. It’s just another employee that you have to manage, pay and insure, and that can hurt your bottom line.

Some benefits to having CalAtlantic’s live remote video monitoring system are: 

Remotely controlling access doors: Our sophisticated door access control systems can track your employees’ and visitors’ movements as they enter and leave the building. This can make it a lot easier if there is a discrepancy with payroll, onsite theft or damage, or any other activity where you needed to know who was where and when. As employees come and go, there will no longer be keys to turn in or locks needing to be changed which in the long run can save you money. In an emergency situation it’s also beneficial to be able to know exactly which employees, or visitors, are on the grounds so they can all be accounted for. Or in the case of a lock-down situation the remote access allows you to grant and deny remote access to whomever you want.

Accepting and monitoring after-hour deliveries: What a benefit this is to not have to go to your place of business at a late hour, or have an employee be there when an after-hour delivery is being made. In the even that an employee is there after-hours, you can monitor the delivery to make sure that everything goes smooth and that your employee was safe during the delivery.

Supervising janitorial: Most janitorial work is done after-hours and having a surveillance set up can give you the peace of mind that your business is not being tampered with, vandalized or mistreated while you are not there. It’s also a way to keep your janitorial service honest. If you are being charged for services that are not being done, you have the record on your side in a dispute.

Other vendor activity: Vendors are usually not your employees, so having a surveillance video to watch over your business when vendors are onsite is a definite benefit. Having a recording on file of vendor activity can help if a claim is made, or if you have a complaint against vendor activity at your place of business. It’s no longer a their word against mine world! This can also help protect your employees while non-employees are on the grounds. You want your employees to feel safe and this is just another way to make them feel take care of at their place of business.

Another service CalAtlantic offers is that their remote surveillance equipment detects attempts at petty crime such as theft and vandalism before they take place and disrupt your operations. If activity is detected, they contact local authorities and coordinate with your operations manager to deal with the situation.

With all the benefits that Live remote video monitoring can bring to your business, it’s definitely something to give CalAtlantic a call about so your company can start feeling safe and secure.

Benefits of Video Surveillance on for your Business

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Increasing security measures at your business might be something on your mind. There are typically two options; first you can hire a guard, or guards, to watch over your place of business during work and after hours. That option also comes with paychecks, insurance and scheduling employees. The second option is video surveillance. These can be a one-time expense and most have warranties if something goes wrong. Here are some other benefits that can help in your decision:

  • Security cameras don’t fall asleep (rarely, anyway). Your cameras are on at all times and never have to take sick days, bathroom breaks or vacation.
  • Security cameras provide an accurate portrayal of the events. You never have to rely on what an employee thinks they saw, or in the worst case when no one was around to see anything. You will have an accurate feed of the event which can be very helpful if you need it for insurance or as evidence.
  • They protect you business by deterring potential burglars or predators and employee theft. It is proven that if you know you are being watched, you most likely won’t commit the crime. Video surveillance helps to keep employee honest and keep the bad guys away. Placing cameras in hard to watch areas can help keep an eye on merchandise and hopefully keep shoplifters, or employees from stealing.
  • Keeping people from suing for a fall, etc. on your property when it’s not true and they’re just seeking money (i.e. frivolous lawsuits). This goes back to having an accurate portrayal of events. It’s a great way to be able to protect your company from employees who are looking to take advantage of workman’s comp, or even customers who are looking to get a quick payout with a frivolous lawsuit.
  • Making sure your staff is performing at their best and providing adequate customer service. This is also be able to tell if an area of your business could be understaffed and could use a little more attention by extra employees and even help deter shoplifting. If you are unable to have extra staff, cameras can be placed just about anywhere! Employees are more likely to interact with customers and give greater customer service if they know that their employer is watching, or can watch a recording of a previous day.
  • They can provide a hefty discount on your business insurance policy. Insurance companies love video surveillance. It can help keep the frivolous lawsuits from showing up, and help protect your company from having to pay money to career criminals. Discounts are often given from insurance companies which can be a great benefit to your bottom line.
  • If you have digital cameras that connect to a networked computer system, you can check on your business while out of town. Sometimes it’s hard to go on vacation, or be away from your business when you are the boss. Having a video surveillance system that is connected to a network makes it easy to connect to your place of business and check in to see what is happening. It can give you a great peace of mind and actually enjoy your time away! Digital storage is also a feature that is available with networked systems. So if you are unable to view your feed immediately, you can always go back and check surveillance from previous dates.

CalAtlantic has some great tips and surveillance options available for your business. You can check them out here and see if what they offer is right for your place of business. As they state, Having a Surveillance System in place will save you time and money, and that’s something I think we ALL want!!