What is the best way to prevent Auto Burglary from your dealership?

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With a simple Google search on ‘auto theft from dealerships’, you will likely be astonished by the number of auto burglaries that have taken place across the U.S.– and that’s just this year! While the areas of service and sales are paramount when it comes to running a successful car dealership with strong auto burglary prevention tools, the issues of surveillance and security are just as important if you want to maintain the best interests of your customers, employees, and clients.

Car dealerships are uniquely vulnerable to threats related to theft, crime, and fraud and as such, a car dealership requires special protection in terms of surveillance and security. And since auto dealerships are often targeted by thieves as a result of their vulnerability, the likelihood of being targeted increases significantly when those dealerships are not equipped with the proper surveillance and security systems. Auto burglary prevention methods can be dramatically improved even if your auto dealership is equipped with a basic security system already; simply by enhancing the efficiency of the video analytics and the technology that runs it, your odds of preventing auto burglary will improve even more!

Its not just about the technology, but about how you use it that matters

One of the key components of a successful auto burglary prevention program involves the placement of the cameras themselves as well as the angles of visibility seen by the camera. Remember, also, that for all outdoor cameras, they must be appropriately housed in a vandal-proof and weather-resistant unit. The strategic placement of high definition cameras throughout the dealership or garage will act as a deterrent to crime, as thieves know they will be captured on tape if they take the chance of attempting to steal a car. Moreover, surveillance systems also provide car dealerships the benefit of recording criminals on tape if they do happen to steal any inventory, something that will definitely aide in the pursuit of the car-thieves after the incident.

Likewise, another way to deter auto burglaries is to equip the service areas with cameras so that your technicians will know that you are constantly supervising and evaluating their performances, and whether or not they follow safety protocols. While most of your employees and the delivery personnel are no doubt trustworthy people, you must protect the valuable materials in areas like the storage room and the parts room, with the strategic placement of IP cameras.

Dont forget about insurance scams when protecting against all forms of auto burglaries

It’s hard to overstate just how big of a problem insurance scams can be for car dealerships and there are few strategies that address this problem better than the strategic placement and use of security and video surveillance systems. By keeping a documented record of any and every interaction and event that goes on at your car dealership, a surveillance system will protect your business from potential insurance scams.

But whatever your concerns about auto burglaries are for your car dealership, you can be sure that the surveillance and security experts at Cal Atlantic have all the solutions to meet your prevention needs! We offer a full suite of security tools and systems including for your car dealership.

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The best surveillance solutions for automotive dealers

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Theft from automotive dealers just makes sense. If you look at it through the eyes of a criminal, you’re looking to make tens of thousands of dollars, and you can get that outside the actual facility…just sitting there, AND it doubles as a getaway car? Where do we sign?! Okay so of course we think it is a bad idea, but to those with less of a moral code, this is their golden egg. The hard truth of it is that vehicle theft is the most expensive cost in United States property crime losing consumers over 8.5 billion dollars annually. One of the most alarming facts for dealerships is that while old cars are stolen every now and then for parts, newer vehicles are the highest targets and remain much more likely to be stolen and shipped abroad. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, every twenty seven seconds a car is stolen in the United States. Needless to say, keeping a car locked on the dealership property isn’t always foolproof.

In the Discovery Channel’s documentary, “The Underworld of Professional Car Theft”, this full time job for a surprising number of people across the United States is a quick “get in get out” gig that can take them around sixty seconds to start the job and then drive away. A few ways that they identify an easy target are weak signs of security and even disruptions in the normal workflows. The solution to a problem of this magnitude is not only to invest in technology, but also to invest in the right kind of technology.

Here at CalAtlantic our solution for automotive dealers is surveillance that surpasses static cameras and uses integrated artificial intelligence for security in asset protection. For example, the InteleTraxs and DealTraxs systems run much like an online search engine. They are highly customizable and ruled by the principle of relevance. Having cameras wired up 24/7 can capture an incredible amount of information that, after a while, can end up as worthless and irrelevant footage. That is why we have created systems that eliminate the fluff and find the things we are looking for. All you need to do is simply tell it what to look for. The InteleTraxs system can provide information and capture people or vehicles moving in the wrong direction, dwelling or loitering time for specific individuals or cars, survey occupancy and traffic flow patterns, classify objects, notify perimeter breaches, and even notice abandoned packages or objects. Along with knowing what to look for, it can even use the pan, tilt, or zoom features to help reduce investigation time, or better yet, prevent incidents from happening.

Automotive dealers are also at incredible risk through employee fraud. The Federal Trade Commission as well as other law enforcement agencies are going out of their way to penalize fraudulent employees that are using deception in sales, financing, and leasing agreements. Car sales can have a bad reputation for a reason in the United States, but don’t let that perception land on your dealership. The DealTraxs system provides detailed audio and video surveillance giving you a clear and crisp record of every established transaction. It gives you solid proof of who said what and means you no longer have to choose sides between employees and clients. These recordings can also be used to further train new employees along with providing the customer satisfaction where they know they are doing business with a trustworthy company.

CalAtlantic Auto Theft Prevention For Auto Dealerships

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It’s no secret that parking garages and parking lots are a prime spot for theft. What could be more attractive to a thief than hundreds of unattended cars all together in one solitary place? Theft of cars include thefts for joyriding, thefts for prolonged car use, and thefts for export or “chopping” (disassembling cars for spare parts).

Most thefts occur when cars are parked on the street or on the owner’s property, because this is where cars usually are, but the risk of theft, per hour parked, is greater when cars are in parking facilities. These are often poorly secured, particularly in the case of lots, many of which have poor lighting, and blind spots and nooks where cars cannot easily be seen. There is seldom much surveillance by passersby or attendants in such lots. Many attendants’ booths are badly positioned or have small windows and poor visibility. Many lots have ill-tended shrubbery providing cover for thieves, and are open to pedestrians, which makes it easy for offenders to enter.

There are a few factors that can contribute to Car theft:

Security: Most car security is inadequate. Thieves report being able to break into and drive away with most makes and models in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Having an expensive car security system is not going to guarantee that your car will be safe and can’t be stolen.

Car Make and Model: High end, expensive cars basically have a bulls eye painted right on them. Besides high end, the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are two of the most targeted joy rides by car thieves.

Parking lots: Park-and-ride commuter lots have particularly high theft rates. They tend to be large and hold many cars left unattended by their owners for most of the day. Where there are attendants, they may be present only at the beginning and end of the day. Thieves can often operate in these lots with little chance of detection. Parking facilities catering to young people, such as college campus lots, may also be at greater risk. Thieves may be other users of the lots, or attracted to the kinds of cars parked there. Finally, parking facilities used around the clock tend to have higher theft rates, if for no other reason than thieves can always find targets there.

So what can be done to help prevent car theft? CalAtlantic has many different options available to help you keep your vehicles safe.

KeyTraxs, CalAtlantic’s intelligent keyless security system, is ready to protect your cars and other vehicles. KeyTraxs can provide high-standard security to you garage, gates, and other entry points for your automotive. Having a keyless security allows you to never have to re-key your business again. Your security will never be compromised if a key is lost or stolen. Keyless entry allows you to monitor who is coming in and out of your facility. And with a 24/7 Worldwide Master Control, you are able to lock down your entire facility should there be a breach in your security, or if a problem is identified. Parking garages can take advantage of security garage doors and barrier gates. These gates allow you to track what time vehicles come and go, which is especially helpful for payment purposes in pay-parking garages.

SmartPod Lighting Solutions are very helpful in large parking lots. Their lights on average have a 25% longer lamp life than traditional HID, fluorescent or LED lights. They are dimmable and can be used in conjunction with occupancy and daylight sensors. Better lumen maintenance means less labor and replacement costs and less recycling. By having as much of your parking lot lit up as possible, this can help to deter vandals who prefer darkness and shadow to do their dirty work.

Analytic Video Management Solutions: InteleTraxs is based on artificial intelligence, offering a quantum leap over traditional video motion detection sensors. InteleTraxs cameras offer a new level of video surveillance. A few of the features these cameras are capable of monitoring are:

  • People/vehicles moving in wrong direction
  • People/vehicle counting
  • Object classification (human, vehicle, other)
  • Vehicle parked for a certain period of time
  • Loitering and dwell time
  • Occupancy/traffic flow patterns
  • Entering restricted areas/perimeter breach
  • Abandoned packages/objects

Enhanced Video & Audio Asset Protection Solution: What could be worse for a business than a customer making a false claim and you have zero proof to protect yourself? Or what if you find damage to a vehicle in your lot and no claim was ever made for the damage? How are you supposed to know what happened? CalAtlantic”s state-of-the-art video system can help save you in these situations. Some of the ServiceTraxs features are:

  • Enhanced audio
  • Know what was really said between your Service Department, Cashier, Parts Employees and your Customer.
  • Sight and sound technology by CalAtlantic
  • Live remote video/audio
  • View simultaneously multiple locations
  • Improved CSI
  • Enhance employee training
  • Synchronized recording of high quality CalAtlantic Audio/Video Solutions for easy verification

By taking these extra precautions you can help to cut down on car theft and keep your place of business a little safer.