What is Intelligent IP Surveillance and Why Do You Need It?

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In this time and age, even crimes have evolved to evade the best police protocols and procedures. But technology has got us covered through the IP Surveillance System. Now, most of you may think this is not that important. Allow us to give you a walk through about the IP Surveillance system; how it works, the equipment used, and its benefits for you and your family’s safety today:

Surveillance cameras have gone a long way in providing protection to its owners. From the simplest analog cameras that can only record a specific area for a period of time, the technology has now evolved to a more sophisticated machine.

IP Surveillance System is the evolution of the former closed circuit television. This technology is connected through a network of computers that helps it store, filter, and analyze data that it captures. These days, the latest processors can provide the link between the security gap that humans can not cover. Through this intelligent system, humans can be rest assured that their property is safe and secured.

This technology has various benefits that can help strengthen the safety and security measure of every perimeter.

First is the face detection algorithm. This feature is available no matter the situation. Its data gathering abilities is not affected by size, angle, lighting, motion, and even rotation. The program looks for the eyes, nose, brows, and mouth. The clarity of detection will depend on the quality of cameras installed. Most of the time, 45 pixels or higher is the preferred. But coupled with advanced processors, the technology can proceed even with a 25-pixel camera. It is best to activate face detection to avoid false alarms from animals, vehicles, and authorized people in the area.

Second is the protected area. This feature works best with Line Crossing Detection. Both systems are meant to detect perimeter breach. In line crossing detection, an alarm is activated when an object crosses the line while advanced protected area looks at the bigger picture of protection. It secures an entire area and not just a parallel boundary. A line crossing detection is often used in parking lots to monitor if a slot has been occupied or recently vacated. As for the latter, since it looks at a bigger area, like a storage room or a warehouse, all items are tracked to have their own space occupied. If an item is misplaced, the alarm will be triggered after the determined time. This way, loss of items are avoided. It can also help protect against terrorist who leave bombs in boxes in various places of an area.

What’s best about all these is it only needs one central remote video monitoring room. Unlike previous security systems that requires one computer for every camera, the IP surveillance only needs one system and one server computer to continuously monitor the areas.

CalAtlantic is a leader in IP surveillance installation. The system we use is top-of-the-line technology that is also utilized by the biggest companies to protect their assets. If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to send us an email or ring us an inquiry. Our team of reliable and skilled staff will be more than willing to help you with all your security and surveillance needs.

Are You Safe? Important Fire and Life Safety Tools You Must Have

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Fire and Life safety tools are systems and items that are installed in your homes and office buildings to ensure your well-being, and the security of your properties when an unwanted incident arises. Do you think you are well protected at home and at work? If not yet, then allow us to give you a list of your home or office must-haves to ensure the safety of your family, employees, co-workers and even tenants:

Carbon Monoxide Detector
These systems are best installed in enclosed areas when gaseous items are contained or may be trapped. Areas like basement parking lots, science laboratories, and experiment halls are the best places for this detector. The system is triggered when detectors catch an abnormal presence of carbon monoxide (CO), measured in million parts per area. An alarm will send a signal to the central control and monitoring units so authorities can dispatch a team to neutralize the gas.

Carbon monoxide, while it is a necessity for plants, can be tagged as toxic for humans in huge amounts. In some countries, carbon monoxide gas was blamed for huge explosions when the gas is trapped and the volume reaches hazardous levels.

Fire Alarm System
These systems are most often specifically engineered for a structure. It can be a home, an office, or a warehouse. Fire alarms are often customized for buildings because every structure has a unique requirement.

This system is helpful for firemen and building occupants because the alarms have a unique code, corresponding to the area where it is installed. By setting up this system, occupants are aware which hallways or rooms to avoid, making the escape easier and safer. Some of you who work in high-rise buildings could be a bit wary of your building’s fire alarm system. If you need more peace of mind, you can call us at CalAtlantic to have your units tested for accuracy.

Ideally, fire alarms are intended to alert tenants and give them at least a two to three-minute allowance to remove themselves from the compromised facility, building, or house. Remember, the first three minutes of the fire is the most crucial for every incident.

Fire Sprinklers
Fire alarms and sprinklers work hand in hand to ensure the safety of individuals in an area. More often, when alarms are triggered, the sprinklers will also go online. Sprinklers are pressured, faucet like components attached to the exposed pipes on the ceiling of the room. The sprinklers usually activate after reaching a certain level of fire alarm. The same with fire alarms, sprinklers should always be checked for accuracy. Here at CalAtlantic, we have engineers who work specifically on these systems. Their training and expertise is a guarantee of their output.

Fire Doors
Fire Doors are often used in cruise ships to provide the highest form of safety and security to the passengers. Currently, people do not know that these fire doors are available for their homes and in stylish designs too. Fire doors are intended to contain the fire in one room. The best fire doors can even prevent the smoke from penetrating the next room.

Fire doors are especially helpful for office spaces, factories, and warehouses. Installing fire doors means business owners will never have to worry about a fire eating away years of archived documents or stunting month-long preparations for a client order. It also means that business operations can resume sooner after an incident.

Portable Fire Distinguishers
These handheld distinguishers are good for small quick fires like a table of paper on fire or an outdoor barbeque gone wrong.

Individuals are suggested to attempt to tame a fire if it is at manageable height, ideally not taller than two feet. Keep in mind that your exit should be behind you just in case the fire is not contained after using the extinguisher. While it is good to use these items, it is still best to alarm the authorities of the fire so they can make the necessary reports and precaution to avoid the incident form recurring. However, not all fire distinguishers are built the same. Quality is a major issue for these items. To make sure you purchase the correct distinguisher for your space and need, it is still best to call an expert.

Our team in CalAtlantic can give you advise on what brands and types of distinguishers are best for the nature of your business, location of your home, and intended use of the object. So, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our staff will be very much willing to entertain your inquiries.

Fires are not small incidents that you can brush off or dismiss. With the proper care and precaution, accidents can never happen. Remember, do not compromise the safety of your homes or properties, even so your families and employees. If you want to get more information on how you can keep your home safe, here’s a step by step guide you can follow.

What Are The Qualities of the Best Anti-Burglary System?

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The increasing demand for high quality security has caused a lot of companies and contractors to start offering safety and security systems with the promise of 100 percent efficiency. If companies are not careful, they can fall into a promise trap. This can be alarming for a lot of us, right? However, there’s no need to worry as we are here to give you tips on what a quality security system should be capable of to protect your assets from unwanted incidents:

Whether you need your security system for your home, your shop, or your warehouse; a good security system should be able to cater to your requirements without a problem. If your contractor says that your home is just too small for their product, you might want to think twice before engaging them. A good security system provider should offer a variety of options for their clients.

Because security systems are made for your family’s and your assets’ safety, you might think that it is a complicated solution. On the contrary, a good security system should be easy to understand but hard to crack. Your contractors should be able to tell you how the system works. Ask them about the installation and if their electricians can explain to you how the wire’s connectivity works for your safety, then you have signed good contractors.

Sometimes, alarms are triggered by our pets in the middle of the night. If your security system would require you to go down to the basement to shut off the alarms, it might be a bad indicator. Good security systems should have handy monitoring systems; whether it is a mobile app or a remote control, your security system should be easy to turn on and off at your convenience. At the very least, you should have a remote video monitoring system to determine what triggered the alarms. Our system in CalAtlantic offers the most convenient system for the end user. This means that even in the comforts of your offices, you will be able to monitor your homes, your shops, and your warehouses. Imagine safety right at your fingertips.

Security systems often source power from the main power box of the house. This means that your contractors will tap the power of your entire household to put the system online. If you contractor fails to install your security system properly; chances are, short circuits may occur or wiring problems may lead to fire. A good security system provider should not cause its clients such problems.

Your security system should be able to let the right people in and keep out the unwanted. If your security system gets confused in several instances, then it might be a good idea to change your provider. You’ll never know when its inefficiency will cause you your home or your assets in the shop.

While your security system is of high quality, it doesn’t mean that it is invisible. Even the best security system succumbs to time and wear and tear. When this happens, a good security system should have available parts and the after sales service should be of top quality too. If your company is good at selling their product, they should be able to act as fast when troubles are reported.

If we are talking about cameras, your system should at least be IP67 or higher. This means that your cameras can withstand rainy weather and can filter through dusty or windy days. If your system can sift through these situations, then you have a good one.

These are only few of the most common traits that you should look for when hiring a safety and security service provider. This is one service that you cannot compromise so be sure to get the best on the field to ensure the safety of the things and people that matter most to you. We, at CalAtlantic, believe it our business to protect your business and homes.