Considering Surveillance for your Business

On April 4, 2016 By admin

No matter which market your company is in, the issue of business security is always a major concern, and as such, it is important to address all of the potential security threats currently facing businesses with capable and efficient security-related solutions.

Moreover, as a business owner or someone who is in charge of running a company, you have likely asked yourself if a security surveillance system would be a wise choice in terms of providing the very solutions which will allow you to protect your business and the loyal customers and employees who help make it thrive.

The proper use of security surveillance can increase the safety and security of any location for 24 hours a day, providing you the peace of mind you might not have otherwise had without such comprehensive security solutions.

So if you are not already, below are 5 of the reasons why you should consider investing in the protection you and your business deserved with security surveillance!

  1. Reduction in theft, both external and internal.
    1. Protect your company property from the multitude of threats which surround your business 24/7, from employee theft and time fraud, to the stealing of intellectual property and misuse of company supplies and machines.
    2. Comprehensive security surveillance system will help deter theft, as well as be a valuable resource should any theft occur at your business (i.e, by providing video record).
  2. Increase the efficiency of your company’s day-to-day operations with security surveillance.
    1. Video surveillance for example, gives you the opportunity to supervise your employees and gain insight into how your company operates like never before!
    2. Security surveillance helps in improving your general business operations by allowing you to see what needs specific attention, such as retraining certain staff members, or cutting down on unnecessary personnel, or overstaffing.
  3. Heighten productivity and increase your profit margins with security surveillance
    1. Help boost the productivity of your workers through the presence of video surveillance alone, as employees are likely to waste less time if they know they are under electronic supervision.
    2. Amplify your profits with the proper use of video analytics by understanding the patterns of your everyday successes and failures on a micro level.
  4. Decrease the likelihood of incidents of sexual harassment from taking place through the use of a security surveillance system.
    1. Perpetrators of sexual harassment are less likely to act on such behavior in the workplace if there is a known presence of security measures in the vicinity.
    2. Similarly, the victims of sexual harassment are much more likely to come forward if they know they will be electronic evidence corroborating the assault.
  5. Promote and protect the safety of you and your employees with security surveillance.
    1. From incidents of violence and abuse in the workplace, to work-related accidents resulting in devastating lawsuits that could have been prevented, there are a variety of reasons why having your business equipped with video surveillance is one of the smartest investments you can make for your company.


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