5 steps to Improving your Surveillance Security this Holiday

On December 20, 2016 By admin

For most businesses the holiday season is an exciting and busy time of year, and for retail businesses in particular the holiday season can be especially hectic! And with the odd business hours, extra employees all over the place, and over-zealous customers, it’s no wonder why issues related to safety and security always happen to come up this time of year. But don’t let all this activity overwhelm you; instead, do yourself a favor by preparing for the holiday rush this season by protection your business with smart surveillance security! So if you’re looking for ways to limit losses, improve safety, and still meet your bottom line, read ahead for some ideas and strategies to help you solve your retail security issues!

Step one: Identify and protect items/areas at risk

Does your store or facility sell a popular item that attracts the attention of most customers? Is there a particular area in your store that is a potential hot spot for theft and surveillance problems? Its important to recognize and identify the unique locations and products that need more attention when it comes to safe security and surveillance measures. For example, be sure to protect all popular, high priced items that are limited in stock, as those items are the ones generally targeted by thieves.

Step two: Make sure all equipment is functioning

Since you will not have the time to run equipment tests during business hours, its best to check and make sure all your security and surveillance check points are ready to go for the holiday rush. Remember to check even the smallest details, like battery life/charge on your surveillance and security gear, including checking all locks, motion sensors, etc.

Step three: Consider an IP based surveillance system

The benefits of a having an IP video system installed on the premises of your business extend far beyond improving safety and security; an IP camera (Internet Protocol) camera uses an ethernet cable to record and live-stream video from your establishment to any device with an Internet connection. Being able to monitor your business from afar during the busiest time of the year can dramatically improve the security of your employees, customers, and bottom line.

Step four: Are your cameras HD?

While having an IP video system is itself an efficient way of deterring, preventing, and capturing theft/crime, as well as business metrics and data, the resolution of the camera recording the information is also vital. Imagine recording a theft in progress and having all the necessary evidence except for one key piece: a recognizable image captured on film. A high definition camera can help avoid this issue entirely, a feature that comes in handy during the holiday rush.

Step five: Invest in a network video recorder

Similar to the logic behind step four, the reasons why a business should have high definition cameras strategically placed throughout the store is to capture vital information that could help prevent or solve a crime, most likely a theft. That’s why it is essential to have a way of storing the recorded data as the days pass, until you have time to review and analyze their content.

While there are indeed more than just the above five steps to consider when dealing with surveillance and security issues to protect your business this holiday season, just remember to always be alert and to communicate with your employees and security personnel!

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