5 Ways Video Surveillance can protect your business

On June 22, 2017 By admin

Running your own business can sometimes be stressful. It is impossible to be at your place of business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So what do you do to help protect and monitor what goes on when you are not around? The answer is Video Surveillance. There are so many great benefits that can come from having video surveillance. CalAtlantic has a variety of different setups available. While you are making your decision, here are a few things to think about that video surveillance can do while you are considering if video surveillance is right for your place of business or not.

  1. Monitor Employee Conduct: If you knew that you were being recorded while at work, do you think you would behave differently? If you are unable to be at your business during all hours of operation, this is a great way to make sure that your employees are behaving themselves and acting appropriately. Just knowing that they are being recorded can have a positive outcome in the way that your employees behave and act while on the job. You could even have an instance where a customer might claim to have had issues with an employee, and having a recording of any altercations can help defend your employee, or take necessary actions if needed.
  2. Monitor Stock Rooms and Loading Docks: Stock rooms and loading docks are a perfect place for theft to happen. Having video surveillance in these areas can help to keep all employees, or delivery persons, honest and on task. These are also common areas for accidents to occur. If an employee comes to you with a work related injury, having video footage to back up or dismiss their claim can help tremendously in the long run. False claims can lead to unnecessary skyrocketing insurance premiums! Video footage of accidents or accident claims can be very beneficial for your business and helping to keep insurance premiums down. 
  3. Monitor Back Alleys, Rear Entrances and Parking Areas: These areas are hard to have someone monitor at all times. Paying for an actual security person can be expensive. You also have to deal with all the aspects that come along with a human employee. Occasionally they will be sick, have to eat, sleep, go on vacation etc.. With video surveillance you won’t have any of those issues. Video cameras are so easy to place on almost any surface. They are able to see angles and corners that are hard to physically monitor, and can monitor them 24/7.
  4. Monitor Cash Handling and POS Transactions: Along with monitoring your employees behavior and conduct, being able to watch cash register transactions can greatly benefit your business. Too often cash drawers can come up short, or merchandise can be missing with no explanation. Having video of any employees pocketing money, or slipping merchandise in their bags or to friends can help solve the problem of where it all disappears! It all goes back to the notion that if your employees know they are being monitored, hopefully they will be honest and not try anything sneaky to steal.
  5. Prevent Robberies and Catch Criminals: Who doesn’t love to watch videos of thwarted criminals? Having video surveillance set up to be able to catch criminals can help if you ever have to identify someone that taken advantage of you or your business. Plus, cameras can be a deterrent to would be criminals. If they see cameras they might not think it is worth it to attempt a criminal act, because they run the risk of being video taped.

These are just a few ways that having video surveillance can help to benefit and keep your business safe. Remember that your business and your employees are your responsibility. Having video surveillance is one of the best tools around to keep a watchful eye on all of it.

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