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On February 28, 2018 By admin

Supply chain logistics are an integral part of a functioning business. The transportation of products from manufacturers to retailers to consumers is an essential part of the behind the scenes magic that consumers rely on daily. A consumer does not stop to consider how a manufacturer managed to safely supply their products to a retail store, but it is up to a manufacturer to meet the expectations of consumers and make sure that products safely arrive to the shelf that they have learned to trust.

Cargo theft is on the decline since more and more supply chains are implementing security measures to protect their products and employees. However you transport your cargo whether it be trucks, planes, rail or ships, it is important that you determine beforehand what type of security is necessary.

CalAtlantic offers a wide variety of supply chain security options for you to choose from.

InteleTraxs Supply Chain 

This video analytics solution is based on artificial intelligence, which uses a sophisticated algorithm to filter out irrelevant background information and really focuses on only what is pertinent alarm information. With interactive video monitoring solutions this service offers smart search, business intelligence reports, search and display for specific accident capabilities and other key features.

KeyTraxs Supply Chain

This is a keyless tool that gives owners complete control over access to doors and gates. By customizing a company ID, each employee can come and go according to their level of access. This system can be applied to buildings, cargo carriers and other shipping containers that require keyless access.

FleetTraxs Supply Chain

This tool utilizes GPS technology and RFID technology to track the location of your assets and shipments all over the globe. This monitoring system minimizes risk by always providing you with answers to questions such as “When was it taken?”, “How long has it been gone?” and “Who has it now?”. This is the most comprehensive tool CalAtlantic offers for protecting precious cargo. With this monitoring service you can have unlimited access to exclusive “Locate That Asset Technology”, authorized removal only, real time inventory reports, yard management, automatic email alerts, tracking authorized driver to truck controls, point to point reporting and audit controls, ingress/egress access control and more exclusive features.

This comprehensive package will help you sleep well at night knowing that your shipment is fully protected and you have exclusive access to its exact whereabouts.

LumiTraxs Supply Chain

While lighting is generally used for visibility and convenience, it also serves as an incredible tool for enhancing security both in buildings and for cargo shipments. Lighting needs are extremely diverse and CalAtlantic offers a wide range of light fixtures to meet your customized needs. Our most popular LumiTraxs product is an intelligent lighting solutions system with motion sensored light fixtures. This is not only an effective tool for additional security, but also a great energy saving solution. Many criminals are often deterred by a sudden bright light and increased visibility that the lights alone can deter cargo theft.

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