8 Types of Businesses That Can Greatly Benefit From Security Monitoring

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There used to be a time when all a business had to do was bolt the doors shut when it was time to close shop and just call it a day.

Today, however, businesses face all sorts of threats, both from outside and from within. And this is the reason why advanced security measures like security monitoring is so important.

Furthermore, we’re not just talking about goods and inventory anymore. Processes and operational details, customer and employee information, as well as proprietary technology,  are now all considered business assets, and are thus, targets as well.

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Here are eight types of businesses that can benefit greatly from security monitoring:


For banks, security monitoring is definitely a requirement. Even with some of the most advanced security measures already in place, banks are still among the most high-value target establishments on our list.

Hotels and Resorts

Hospitality establishments such as hotels and resorts are expected to provide a certain level of privacy, discretion, and security for its guests. Of course, the more upscale the facility, the greater the expectation of these accommodations.

In this case, security monitoring is just as much for the peace of mind of guests and patrons as it is for purposes of safety and well-being.


Without a doubt, security monitoring greatly benefits retail establishments. Because a large amount of inventory is typically out on display, these are prime targets for shoplifters, whose tactics have grown increasingly sneakier and more sophisticated.

Security monitoring should adequately cover not just the displayed goods, but access to storage and warehouse areas as well, and other key areas of the retail establishment.

Restaurants and Other Food Establishments

Just like retail, another industry that can benefit greatly from security monitoring is the food industry.

Particularly in the case of restaurants and service kitchens, business owners would want to be on point when it comes to sanitation protocols, food handling, as well as employee safety.

In addition, security monitoring in front-of-house areas serves to discourage unwanted frivolous lawsuits, as well as to deter theft and robberies.

Manufacturing and Production

For manufacturing facilities, security monitoring is designed more for the safety of employees and personnel, as there are a lot of moving parts, heavy equipment, and machinery that can cause serious injury or harm.

Production lines also benefit greatly from security monitoring, ensuring the smooth workflow as well as taking care of other internal security concerns.

Combined with a strong corporate culture centered on employee safety, as well as other additional on-site safety protocols, security monitoring forms part of a more cohesive, more holistic employee wellness agenda for any manufacturing or production company.

Garages and Vehicle Dealerships

Garages and car dealerships are unique in that the sort of inventory they have out in the open is fairly high-priced and relatively easy to liquidate. In fact, some criminal organizations might specialize solely on vehicle theft.

Making sure the lots and offices of your garage or dealership are adequately covered by a security monitoring system greatly aids in deterring criminal elements, as well as vandals and other external threats.

Logistics Companies

Similar to garages and dealerships, companies that have warehouses and vehicle lots are also prone to thieves and vandals.

More than that, however, for logistics companies, having a good security monitoring system in place is integral in real-time tracking and getting up-to-date status reports as goods move from one part of the supply chain to another.

Event Venues

With so many people all in one place at one time, anything can happen. For this reason, security monitoring serves to maintain order and keep the peace, ensuring guests and attendees are at their best behavior and deterring troublemakers from causing mischief.


The reality is that, just about every business can benefit from a fair amount of security monitoring.

Having a watchful eye to look out for both external threats as well as problems from within goes a long way towards ensuring your business runs smoothly, employees and guests within your care are safe, and that your company assets are well-protected.

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