All You Need to Know About Our FleeTraxs Transportation System

On June 19, 2019 By admin

In a globalized world, the need for advanced technology in transportation is paramount.

In terms of moving assets around or monitoring their status, reliable and robust tools are a must. We, at CalAtlantic, recognize these needs.

For that reason, we have developed a comprehensive fleet and asset management tool to better address the concerns of our clients.

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Real-time Tracking Solution

Our technology allows clients to access the location and status of their assets in real-time. This is made possible by embedding RFID technology to the assets being transported.

The clients will be able to monitor their fleet by simply using our fleet and asset management tool.

Asset Monitoring Technology

CalAtlantic’s FleeTraxs is the world’s only “talking” vehicle with reversing aids, side and reverse camera kits, and cell phone control solutions.

We introduced these technological advancements to assure our clients that asset monitoring is done efficiently and accurately.

Minimizing risks and loss

Through the solution we offer, the risk and asset loss that clients usually suffer from are minimized. The assets become visible and capable of being tracked all the time.

Fleet owners can have the peace of mind since they have all of these distinctive features that will make their business run smoother.

These features include real-time inventory reports, ingress/egress access control, automatic email alerts, point-to-point reporting, yard management, among others.


The demand for a faster pace in moving assets all over the globe grows by the minute. As the demand rises, the management of fleets becomes harder and riskier.

Fleet managers must arm themselves of the proper tools and solutions to facilitate transactions, and decrease the chance of accidents and loss.

Need a hand in making the world a little more connected? Give us a call today.

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