Auto Theft Caught on Surveillance Video

On February 13, 2017 By admin

According to local authorities in the area of New Orleans known as Gentilly, early during the morning of December 29 last year an auto theft was captured on surveillance cameras. The car thief was caught on tape shortly after 1 am breaking into the Mazda vehicle that was parked next to several other vehicles lining the street of the neighborhood. Despite being caught on tape, the suspect has yet to be brought to justice and the car has not been returned to its rightful owner.

The footage from the surveillance camera reveals just how quickly an auto theft can take place once a thief is on the premises and knows which vehicle he wants to steal. The video of the surveillance footage shows that from the time that the suspect in the New Orleans car theft approaches the vehicle, it takes him a total of 40 seconds to break into the car without setting off an alarm, start the car, back up and pull away.

Auto Dealership Loss Prevention using surveillance cameras

Now using this recent auto theft example, let’s take a look at how and why surveillance cameras are an essential component in preventing theft for auto dealerships in particular, as well as how surveillance products from CalAtlantic can assist in an investigation, were one to occur.

• Surveillance cameras help prevent loss and protect your assets: Auto theft prevention methods can be greatly improved when you enhance the efficiency of your car dealership’s video analytics and the technology which runs it. For example, a successful auto theft prevention program involves the placement of the cameras and the angles of visibility seen by the camera. The purpose of strategic camera placement as advised by security experts at CalAtlantic, is to increase the level of overall surveillance you have over your auto dealership, allowing you to catch and record all activity on tape, thus dramatically improving the odds of catching the culprit in cases of a crime.

• Auto dealerships have a unique need for oversight and control: Two of the main benefits associated with the surveillance solutions provided by CalAtlantic are the ability to oversee and control who has access to your inventory and at what times, in order to reduce the chances of theft. Not only does a surveillance camera system help to catch a thief in the act, the presence of cameras alone in fact help to deter criminals from entering the premises and stealing in the first place! When someone approaches a car with the intent of stealing it and are alerted to a camera just above their head recording their every move, they will more than likely rethink what they are about to do.

• Surveillance cameras from CalAtlantic can be integrated into almost any existing security system: If the fact that you need to integrate an existing system with the updated surveillance products of CalAtlantic makes you pause, you will be happy to know that this is a common circumstance that many auto dealerships experience. One of the reasons why CalAtlantic is the ideal surveillance option for automotive dealerships is that most of the products can be integrated with what you already have invested in. This makes it so that you don’t need to spend a fortune on completely revamping your surveillance security system is you can’t afford it.

So whether the situation concerns monitoring the transactions between employee and customer, around the clock audio and visual surveillance, and even inventory tracking, CalAtlantic supplies automotive dealers with multiple product options to solve these and other issues related to protection, security, and surveillance.

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