Auto Theft Prevention Focus Areas for Car Dealerships

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When it comes to protecting your car dealership with the best auto theft prevention system, most security experts will tell you that there are several focus areas you must pay extra attention to if you want to properly secure your facility.

CalAltantic Auto Theft Prevention

Auto theft prevention methods can be dramatically improved simply by enhancing the efficiency of your car dealership’s video analytics and the technology that runs it.

The first area in need of focus at a car dealership includes all of the lots on which you have vehicles located; this includes the service areas and the showrooms as well. One of the key components of a successful auto theft prevention program involves the placement of the cameras themselves, and the angles of visibility seen by the camera. Keep in mind that outdoor cameras must be appropriately housed in a vandal-proof and weather-resistant unit.

Another important aspect of having cameras located in all the right areas, though not directly related to auto theft prevention, is the fact that the recordings of employee performances can be monitored and the footage can also be used to train employees as well. Similarly, the use of IP cameras gives managers far greater video access to the focus areas where the most employee and customer interactions take place, while having the additional benefit of 24/7 remote controlled access.

The next area at your car dealership to focus on includes the inventory and stock rooms, as thieves will also attempt to steal valuable parts and materials at your facility if they are not properly protected. It is important to have video and audio footage of both your employees and the customers in these areas if you truly wish to enhance your auto theft prevention. Likewise, another way to deter theft is to equip the service areas with cameras so that your technicians will know that you are constantly supervising and evaluating their performances, and whether or not they follow safety protocols.

In addition to auto theft prevention, the proper placement of a well-equipped security system can give you the ability to monitor and track the behaviors and patterns of your customers and the interactions they have with your sales staff. With the proper video analytics, you can gain insight into the inner workings of your car dealership and improve the way you do business! By observing how your employees treat their customers, for example, you will gain a better understanding into the nature of a successful business transaction simply by learning what works and what does not. Moreover, the software behind an auto theft prevention security system allows you to track, not just the number of vehicles on the lots and the location of your employees, but the number of customers in each showroom in real time.

One of the final areas in need of focus at your car dealership in order to prevent auto theft and other criminal activity is the location of your facility where the deliveries are received. It’s vital to properly place security cameras in this location because it gives you the ability to supervise a delivery taking place in real time.

These simple advances in security are guaranteed to help your car dealership with auto theft prevention! Call CalAtlantic today to find out more about how you can keep your dealership or business protected!

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