Automotive Dealers Safety Surveillance

On September 19, 2014 By admin

If you own or manage an automotive dealership, there are a few things to keep in mind while you run your business. One of the most important things about your business is obviously your merchandise. It is also important to protect the merchandise with automotive surveillance cameras.

With an automotive surveillance camera you will be able to prevent theft of vehicles or vehicle parts, and give the attention your clients and employees need.

CalAtlantic auto theft prevention system turn static cameras into intelligent tools, helping you better secure your merchandise. Our cameras are based on artificial intelligence, offering an upgrade from traditional video motion detection sensors. Our cameras are able to detect and issue reports about people and vehicles moving in the wrong direction, people and vehicle counting, time a vehicle is parked, loitering and dwell time, occupancy and traffic flow patterns, perimeter breach, abandoned packages and object classification.

Along with choosing the right automotive surveillance camera, there are six main things to monitor at your dealership. These include: vehicles, parts and other inventory, employees, customers, visitors and other important activities such as deliveries, etc.

  1. Vehicles – your merchandise can comprise up to millions of dollars’ worth of inventory on your lot and are most vulnerable since they are always outside. Automotive surveillance is important here; you need to be able to see the whole lot, inside service areas, inside the showroom, etc. Our security camera experts at Cal Atlantic can help you with the placement of your cameras.

Outdoor cameras that monitor lots will also need weather and vandal protection. These can be placed in housings for protection.

  1. Parts and Inventory – we know you trust your employees, but having cameras in stock rooms, at retail counters and in other places were important parts are stored helps reduce any unwanted burglaries.

It also provides a preventive measure against shoplifters in your dealership. Another obvious benefit is to be able to capture theft on video for criminal reports. You will have the peace of mind that your shop is protected even when you’re not around.

  1. Employees – although we already talked about monitoring employees while in inventory rooms, it would prove very beneficial to install an automotive surveillance camera to monitor other employees. Service areas can be studied to ensure employee efficiency and to make sure everyone is following safety standards. This is also a great tool for your sales force, as it can serve to train them on how to cover the showroom and lot.
  2. Deliveries – if your security cameras are positioned properly, you will be able to monitor deliveries. Placing automotive surveillance cameras will ensure that deliveries are happening when they are supposed to be happening and will help you determine whether the proper merchandise was exchanged or not.
  3. Customers – our automotive surveillance cameras can be used to measure how many customers viewed a certain car, what section of the lot is being visited most or least, how many people enter the showroom, and give you important statistics that can help your sales team.

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