Automotive Surveillance and Car Theft Prevention

On February 16, 2014 By admin

Today, video surveillance is no longer limited to traditional security but is also found in retail, government, transport and other areas. All around the country video surveillance systems and security camera footage are making the news as these systems have helped solve many theft related cases, especially in car dealerships or showrooms.

One of the newest stories is about a car dealership that prior to having auto theft prevention surveillance installed was the victim of merchandise theft. After this dealership finally decided to install automotive surveillance they were able to identify an individual suspected of stealing from the company. Automotive surveillance can be used for more than just making sure your merchandise is safe and accounted for, it can also help if any misfortune may happen.

CalAtlantic is an industry leading Asset Protection, Risk Mitigation and Loss Prevention System Solution Provider. We have a variety of auto theft deterrent and automotive surveillance equipment available that will enhance your business’ everyday operations. Our products are so advanced and high tech that they can sense people and/or vehicles in the wrong direction, people counting, loitering time, flow patterns, etc.

It is especially important for car dealerships to have California automotive surveillance because car dealerships tend to cover such a large area full of expensive merchandise, this they tend to become target for thieves. There are numbers of ways to prevent theft at your dealership, but installing one of our automotive surveillance cameras is the most effective way to protect employees, clients and vehicles from any misfortune.

Both clients and workers will benefit from knowing surveillance cameras protect your car dealership. Car dealerships or places with high traffic are susceptible to vandalism or theft. Continued accidents such as the one mentioned earlier prove how a California automotive surveillance system can be beneficial to your car dealership.

Help your clients and employees be safe; help secure your valuable merchandise, don’t hesitate! A California automotive surveillance system can help you have peace of mind.

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