Benefits of Garage and Dealership Surveillance

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When it comes to securing and protecting the inventory at car dealerships or garages, surveillance is especially important due to the value of the inventory and it’s susceptibility to theft and damage. Auto dealerships and similar venues are often targeted by criminals and thieves as a result of their vulnerability to theft, especially when those dealerships are not equipped with the proper surveillance and security systems. But what is it exactly about surveillance systems that make them a must-have for car dealerships and car garages?

Prevent Incidents of Theft

Since auto dealerships depend so much upon their ability to protect their inventory, having a capable surveillance system to deter and prevent theft is absolutely imperative in terms of maintaining the bottom line. The strategic placement of high definition cameras throughout the dealership or garage will act as a deterrent to crime, as thieves know they will be captured on tape if they take the chance of attempting to steal a car. Moreover, surveillance systems also provide car dealerships the benefit of recording criminals on tape if they do happen to steal any inventory, something that will definitely aid in the pursuit of the car thieves after the incident.

Use of Intelligent Video Analytics Helps to Better Understand your Customers

If your auto dealership is without a top-notch surveillance system then not only are you deprived of security and protection when it comes to your inventory, but you are also missing out on the opportunities that a surveillance system provides for your ability to analyze important business data. Think about all the value information a camera can capture during the day to day business dealings in your dealership or garage, information that you can use to help improve your company’s overall success and bottom line. Tracking the habits of your customers, for example, specifically what cars are looked at and by which customers they are looked at, can dramatically improve how you market and sell your inventory.

Protect the Customers, Employees, and the Inventory

The presence of security cameras will increase the general safety of the premises and the people occupying the space because a high-quality surveillance system can actually work in tandem with a security guard to patrol and secure any location at the dealership or garage. The technology behind Cal Atlantic’s business security products makes it possible for your security personnel to be informed of any movement or activity throughout the premises, making your security system much more efficient and capable of protecting your employees and customers.

Ability to Integrate with Other Technologies and Security Products

An auto garage or dealership equipped with an integrated security system is capable of controlling systems related to:

  • Employee time keeping cards and tracking of employee hours
  • Physical security integration allows for remote control of locks and alarms
  • Even systems such as heating and air conditioning can be networked with IP video surveillance systems

The integration of vital technologies and components of your business can help improve the safety, efficiency, and overall success of you car dealership or garage.

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