Benefits of a Keyless Facility

On December 6, 2018 By admin

One of the most helpful benefits of technology is the development and improvement of the safety and security measures implemented worldwide. Among the recent developments is the launch of keyless access, whether it is for your car, your home, your office, or your warehouse, this technology is available. It all boils down to the best service provider. Here at CalAtlantic, we commit to quality work and client satisfaction. An example of this would be our very own Fleettrax system which is a highly customizable sophisticated security system that can cater to all your safety needs. If you still aren’t convinced with the magic of keyless security, here are some of the benefits we’ve put together to convince you:

If you have a business, assigning an entry control number to your employee is more efficient than actually giving them duplicates of keys. This is not only cost efficient but is also monitoring friendly. Our system can record the entry and exit registry of each employee codes which makes it easier for employers to monitor the foot traffic in the facility. Giving them entry control number also means that the facility is less susceptible to break-ins. When employees lose or forget where they left their keys; chances are, someone already has got a hold of it and already has access to your facility. An access control number eliminates this risk because the control number is unique for every employee you have.

If your business requires you to provide temporary access to your suppliers or delivery staff, giving them keys to your facility is a risky thing to do. Not only is this difficult for monitoring, it is also not cost and time efficient. With our services, you can assign temporary access codes to suppliers that can be used for a given time and expires depending on user preference. This way, the system will automatically restrict access to those who no longer has business in the facility.

People in the production industry can very much relate to this. If your business has a high turnover rate, a keyless access is your best bet in this situation. Instead of going through the debriefing system one after another, the user can easily cancel and assign access control number to a resigned employee to restrict his or her access. No need for turnover of keys or any hardware. This is both cost and time efficient, so your personnel department can still use their precious time on more productive matters than receiving a key from an employee.

Using keyless systems are not only for fixed facilities, it can also be used in your vehicles. By going keyless, you no longer have to dig in your bags for your car keys every time you are in the parking lot or worry that you might have left it somewhere else. In terms of safety, robbers usually take this time when you are busy unlocking the doors of your car to get behind you and rob you of your valuables. A keyless vehicle means you can focus your attention to yourself and your environment, instead of scourging through your bag for your keys. The keyless system also has an alarm system that can be activated when in distress.

Awesome, right? What’s more awesome is you not compromising your safety and your facility’s. Drop us a call at CalAtlantic and we will be more than willing to answer your inquiries about our products. Give us a visit too so we can share what our company can do for you.

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