Benefits of Video Surveillance on for your Business

On May 3, 2017 By admin

Increasing security measures at your business might be something on your mind. There are typically two options; first you can hire a guard, or guards, to watch over your place of business during work and after hours. That option also comes with paychecks, insurance and scheduling employees. The second option is video surveillance. These can be a one-time expense and most have warranties if something goes wrong. Here are some other benefits that can help in your decision:

  • Security cameras don’t fall asleep (rarely, anyway). Your cameras are on at all times and never have to take sick days, bathroom breaks or vacation.
  • Security cameras provide an accurate portrayal of the events. You never have to rely on what an employee thinks they saw, or in the worst case when no one was around to see anything. You will have an accurate feed of the event which can be very helpful if you need it for insurance or as evidence.
  • They protect you business by deterring potential burglars or predators and employee theft. It is proven that if you know you are being watched, you most likely won’t commit the crime. Video surveillance helps to keep employee honest and keep the bad guys away. Placing cameras in hard to watch areas can help keep an eye on merchandise and hopefully keep shoplifters, or employees from stealing.
  • Keeping people from suing for a fall, etc. on your property when it’s not true and they’re just seeking money (i.e. frivolous lawsuits). This goes back to having an accurate portrayal of events. It’s a great way to be able to protect your company from employees who are looking to take advantage of workman’s comp, or even customers who are looking to get a quick payout with a frivolous lawsuit.
  • Making sure your staff is performing at their best and providing adequate customer service. This is also be able to tell if an area of your business could be understaffed and could use a little more attention by extra employees and even help deter shoplifting. If you are unable to have extra staff, cameras can be placed just about anywhere! Employees are more likely to interact with customers and give greater customer service if they know that their employer is watching, or can watch a recording of a previous day.
  • They can provide a hefty discount on your business insurance policy. Insurance companies love video surveillance. It can help keep the frivolous lawsuits from showing up, and help protect your company from having to pay money to career criminals. Discounts are often given from insurance companies which can be a great benefit to your bottom line.
  • If you have digital cameras that connect to a networked computer system, you can check on your business while out of town. Sometimes it’s hard to go on vacation, or be away from your business when you are the boss. Having a video surveillance system that is connected to a network makes it easy to connect to your place of business and check in to see what is happening. It can give you a great peace of mind and actually enjoy your time away! Digital storage is also a feature that is available with networked systems. So if you are unable to view your feed immediately, you can always go back and check surveillance from previous dates.

CalAtlantic has some great tips and surveillance options available for your business. You can check them out here and see if what they offer is right for your place of business. As they state, Having a Surveillance System in place will save you time and money, and that’s something I think we ALL want!!

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