What is the best way to prevent Auto Burglary from your dealership?

On July 31, 2017 By admin

With a simple Google search on ‘auto theft from dealerships’, you will likely be astonished by the number of auto burglaries that have taken place across the U.S.– and that’s just this year! While the areas of service and sales are paramount when it comes to running a successful car dealership with strong auto burglary prevention tools, the issues of surveillance and security are just as important if you want to maintain the best interests of your customers, employees, and clients.

Car dealerships are uniquely vulnerable to threats related to theft, crime, and fraud and as such, a car dealership requires special protection in terms of surveillance and security. And since auto dealerships are often targeted by thieves as a result of their vulnerability, the likelihood of being targeted increases significantly when those dealerships are not equipped with the proper surveillance and security systems. Auto burglary prevention methods can be dramatically improved even if your auto dealership is equipped with a basic security system already; simply by enhancing the efficiency of the video analytics and the technology that runs it, your odds of preventing auto burglary will improve even more!

Its not just about the technology, but about how you use it that matters

One of the key components of a successful auto burglary prevention program involves the placement of the cameras themselves as well as the angles of visibility seen by the camera. Remember, also, that for all outdoor cameras, they must be appropriately housed in a vandal-proof and weather-resistant unit. The strategic placement of high definition cameras throughout the dealership or garage will act as a deterrent to crime, as thieves know they will be captured on tape if they take the chance of attempting to steal a car. Moreover, surveillance systems also provide car dealerships the benefit of recording criminals on tape if they do happen to steal any inventory, something that will definitely aide in the pursuit of the car-thieves after the incident.

Likewise, another way to deter auto burglaries is to equip the service areas with cameras so that your technicians will know that you are constantly supervising and evaluating their performances, and whether or not they follow safety protocols. While most of your employees and the delivery personnel are no doubt trustworthy people, you must protect the valuable materials in areas like the storage room and the parts room, with the strategic placement of IP cameras.

Dont forget about insurance scams when protecting against all forms of auto burglaries

It’s hard to overstate just how big of a problem insurance scams can be for car dealerships and there are few strategies that address this problem better than the strategic placement and use of security and video surveillance systems. By keeping a documented record of any and every interaction and event that goes on at your car dealership, a surveillance system will protect your business from potential insurance scams.

But whatever your concerns about auto burglaries are for your car dealership, you can be sure that the surveillance and security experts at Cal Atlantic have all the solutions to meet your prevention needs! We offer a full suite of security tools and systems including for your car dealership.

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