CalAtlantic Access Control System

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Never re-key your facility again with CalAtlantic’s intelligent access control system!

CalAtlantic can turn your place of business into a secured facility with the help of the CalAtlantic Access Control System. Our state-of-the-art access control system allows you to further secure the sensitive areas of your business by limiting, controlling, and monitoring who can enter such areas.

The standard CalAtlantic Access Control System is equipped with the ability to control the doors and limit how many times a person can gain access to get inside. Access rights can be customized and easily restricted. Access rights can be customized for doors, elevator floors, and even computers. These rights can be tailored to correspond to business hours and holidays.

Gain the ability to identify the persons inside your facility by providing badges which will help you monitor the location of each them. Different badge designs and colors can help identify the level of access that each will be given. A personalized badge can be given for the different departments, for vendors, and for guests.

The CalAtlantic Access Control System also allows remote management so you can have full control 24 hours, 7 days a week, and from wherever you may be. Deliveries at odd hours would mean no more problems thanks to this feature!

Benefits and Features

The CalAtlantic Access Control System is an intelligent security tool which allows you to enjoy the following features, as well as their corresponding benefits:

1. Keyless yet fully secured facility

Our Access Control System provides reliable and dependable security without having to rely on keys. Key-dependent security go with high risks. Losing your keys would require you to change your locks or security mechanism which can be very costly and impractical. With the CalAtlantic Access Control System, you can simply deactivate a lost access badge to maintain security. Keys simply don’t keep up with the security demands of the modern world.

2. Completely customizable security system for tailored-fit access

Provide customized access that would match exactly how much a person needs. Keep unauthorized persons from highly sensitive areas of your facility. Easily identify the level of access a card has with different badge designs and colors.

3. Provide stronger security that matches your needs.

Integrate biometrics for an added level of security. Track personnel and control computer access. Provide independent department controls, each optimized with the needed level of access. Manage multiple sites, even those located on the other side of the world.

4. Remotely manage your access control system.

Ensure security from wherever and whenever with remote management capabilities. Immediately suspend access cards with no hassle of being in the facility. Allow supervised deliveries even if you’re not around. Receive notifications via text, voice, or email, when a condition you set is met like when someone enters a vitally sensitive area of your facility.

Be smart, get the CalAtlantic Access Control System now!

Our Access Control System is indeed smart and your facility should be, too! You deserve the high level of security that it provides. So call us now and be intelligently secured all thanks to the one and only CalAtlantic Access Control System!

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