CalAtlantic Loss Prevention Retail Solution

On September 16, 2015 By admin

In today’s constantly evolving retail market and consumer economy, the need for a state- of-the-art loss prevention system becomes a priority for every retail business that wants to stay ahead of the curve.

When it comes to protecting your customers, your business, and the general safety of the community around them both, it is paramount to have a surveillance system that successfully collaborates with all of the departments in the store by working simultaneously together as a team.

In an effort to integrate all the most advanced technologies into one cohesive loss prevention system, Cal Atlantic has collaborated with other tech and retail security companies to create the InteleTraxs system. This retail solution provided by CalAtlantic is a specially designed business management software that promotes the effective and accurate collection of video surveillance and analysis of all security related intelligence.

CalAtlantic’s advanced approach to integrated video management and analytics has revolutionized more than just security solutions for businesses in the retail community; in fact, the advent of Inteletraxs Solutions software has made it possible for retailers to improve customer satisfaction by getting a detailed look at the behavior and buying patterns of the customers.

Moreover, Inteletraxs software allows for the comprehensive analysis of employee performance through automated video review, an approach which is much more cost-effective than having management personnel spend valuable hours doing job performance reviews.

Another way that Inteletraxs software is beneficial for a retail loss prevention system relates to how the program catalogues and archives all intelligence data, a feature that vastly improves the organizational efficiency of your business management. This allows for loss prevention staff to maintain a presence in the store without sacrificing the advantage of the ‘eyes in the sky’, thus saving literally hundreds of employee-spent hours monitoring, reviewing, and archiving footage and events. In fact, according to the latest empirical studies concerning loss prevention systems and the implement of integrated video analytics, retailers have saved thousands of dollars annually by investing in surveillance systems that have the advanced video analytics software that CalAtlantic is known for providing.

More broadly, CalAtlantic provides tools for improving a variety of other business management concerns in addition to security. CalAtlantic solutions for surveillance systems in the retail sector are responsive to the current trends informing the market, a strategy, which helps your business have the quickest and most accurate insights into customer behavior.

Take for instance, the issue of long-waits for customers in checkout lanes that will discourage many customers from returning. Inteletraxs software has the capabilities to identify such situations and alert store managers before this issue becomes a larger problem. Similarly, employee efficiency and customer experience can be improved with the implementation of video analytics by monitoring the customer-employee ratio throughout various areas of the store, in order to alert the associates to the most appropriate location for them to be of assistance currently is. Believe it or not, these features are exactly the kind of strategic analysis and business management solutions guaranteed to revolutionize the loss prevention system of any and all retail businesses!

If you are looking for a way to protect and to better manage your business, give us a call today!

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