CalAtlantic Loss Prevention Solutions for Automotive Dealers

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The difference between an average car dealership and a great automotive dealer often comes down to the correct implementation of the best comprehensive tools and advanced technologies on the market. When it comes to the tools of high tech industrial science as it relates to the automotive sales industry, CalAtlantic rates second to none in service, production, and customer satisfaction. The solutions for automotive dealers provided by CalAtlantic, which range from total asset protection and security to inventory tracking capabilities, are guaranteed to solve the toughest problems associated with your car dealership. In todays market and the current economy, your business must be prepared by being equipped with the intelligent technologies proven in all the arenas of asset protection and equipment efficiency.

CalAtlantic Loss Prevention System

The increased capacity for oversight and control are two of the benefits associated with the solutions provided by CalAtlantic and they will improve the way you do business. As an automotive dealer, it is imperative that you invest in the most up-to-date tools so you can protect the best interests of both your customers and your vehicles. Take for example, the issue of security–whether the situation concerns monitoring the transactions between employee and customer, around the clock audio and visual surveillance, and even inventory tracking–and how you can ensure that these concerns are always efficiently managed. CalAtlantic supplies automotive dealers with multiple product options to solve these and other issues related to protection, security, and surveillance.

KeyTraxs Automotive

One such product option, KeyTraxs Automotive, is an advanced keyless system for your entire automotive dealership facility, which allows you 24/7 remote controlled gate and entry access. Other ideal advantages of this system which come as standard KeyTrax features include: automated scheduled opening and locking of doors and entries, independent department control with the ability to supervise inventory deliveries via remote control, notification delivery system via email/text/voicemail, as well as the capacity to track personnel and immediately suspend individual employee access to any degree you require. This particular solution provided by CalAtlantic will improve the sense of control and direct supervision any automotive dealer requires to consistently meet their bottom line.

AutoTraxs Automotive

CalAtlantic will also improve the ability of your automotive dealership to maintain and supervise the vehicle inventory on your lot, through the use of the tool, AutoTraxs Automotive. The technology behind this product is especially helpful for automotive dealers because it allows you to constantly maintain a detailed location and status-check of each individual car on the facility, access which is completely customizable and tailored to the needs presented by the inventory and lot layout. This AutoTraxs Automotive tool is so precise in fact, that you can narrow down the location of every employee and vehicle to the exact spot on the lot, with the additional ability to see just how long they have been in that particular location. CalAtlantic’s inventory-tracking solutions are also ideal because they give the automotive dealers the capacity to see the contents of their inventory in real time, a tool that could make the difference in closing a sale.

The unmatched technology and business analytics solutions provided by CalAtlantic make our products the best on the market for any and all automotive dealers!

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