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CalAtlantic, a division of Brooks International, Incorporated, is a leader in the security industry, and provides full service security and management services for our clients. CalAltantic is composed of a number of divisions, each performing specialized services, namely: CalAtlantic Security Solutions, CalAtlantic Communications and Monitoring, CalAtlantic Fire and Life Safety, CalAtlantic Security Services and CalAtlantic Networks.

Being a player in the security industry, CalAtlantic’s expertise is on security products and their management applications. However, CalAtlantic is not merely a security integrator – we are a security solutions provider. CalAtlantic assesses the needs of its clients, taking into consideration every little problem and issue that needs to be resolved. From there, CalAltantic will design the right products, engineer them, and install them. But it does not stop there, because even after the installation, CalAtlantic will monitor and provide services for its clients, building a long-lasting partnership. CalAtlantic makes sure that the solution provided to you is tailored-fit for you and your business’ needs.

Provider of Full Security and Management Solutions

CalAlantic is the perfect choice for a security and management solutions provider. We are committed to providing our clients with state-of-the art security products and systems, plus the ability to maximize their use to the fullest – giving the best value and return for your investments.

CalAtlantic Basics: Video Surveillance and Monitoring & Remote Monitoring Services

Video surveillance and monitoring is a must-have for security. CalAlantic provides high-quality and high-performance video surveillance and monitoring products and solutions that are equipped with fully interactive voice control from our National Communication and Information Specialists

CalAtlantic clients can also monitor their business from anywhere in the world through remote monitoring. These are made in conjunction with fire and life safety products, and burglar alarms, ensuring that your business is safe and secure all the time.

CalAtlantic Security and Management: One Stop Shop

CalAtlantic has everything you’ll ever need for the security and management of your business. Our products and services are the best in their areas of specialization, which are:

  • Risk Management and Remote Loss
  • Live Remote Video Monitoring
  • Burglar and Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Inspection Services
  • System Maintenance and Service

With CalAtlantic Security and Management solutions, you will be able to keep your business safe and secure 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And this can be done from wherever you are. You will also be able to go to business trips worrying less about your office.

You can keep your merchandise, vaults, server rooms, company record rooms, and other sensitive business areas safe all the time with CalAtlantic products and services. So truly, CalAtlantic is the place to look for help if you want to keep your business holistically safe and managed.

CalAtlantic will also keep you safe from the threats of today and tomorrow for we will keep improving our products and services to keep your business secure at all times. CalAtlantic will do its best to serve you, and all the best you’ll truly get. So call CalAtlantic now and enjoy the great benefits of state-of-the-art security and management products and services from us.

For more information on our specialized services, please look below and see how CalAtlantic can serve you.

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