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CalAtlantic offers a full range of services for any security or management solutions. These security products and systems are top of the line and we are constantly striving to improve our services to make sure that our customers are receiving the best possible quality that can be delivered. Some of the most commonly requested client services include Live Video Remote Surveillance with fully interactive voice control from our National Communication and Information Specialists, Remote Monitoring Services for fire and life safety products, burglar alarms; both UL and FM certified approved centers, as well as inspection and system maintenance services.

Live Video Remote Surveillance

The live video remote surveillance is by far one of our most popular services. When we set up this system in your office or warehouse it allows you the freedom to constantly monitor your space. You can access the live feed via your computer or smartphone from anywhere around the world, giving you the peace of mind that your merchandise or inventory is safe and protected.

Another benefit to this service is that it allows a boss to work remotely and ensure that his/her employees are still on task. Be sure to notify employees in that situation that you do have surveillance cameras set up in the office for their safety, and with that knowledge they will be motivated to perform their best whether boss is on site or not.

Remote Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our remote monitoring services function for more than just surveillance cameras. In fact, a popular service is a monitoring system specifically for fire alarms or other life safety products. Detecting a fire early is the key difference between losing everything keeping damages at a low, manageable level. These monitoring services allow you to find out about a potential hazard, much quicker by notifying you remotely when there is an immediate danger. Not only are you informed, but also the first responders. The system sends out a faster transmission signal to the monitoring station (EMS) which directly notifies the first responders and gets them there even faster.

Burglar Alarms

CalAtlantic wants to give you peace of mind when you are away and another common service in providing that is a reliable burglar alarm system. Our burglar alarms are not only top of the line systems, but we also install a built in monitoring system, similar to that of the fire alarms. We will remotely notify you and the authorities in the event of a break in, so you can know that your building, belongings and the people inside will be well-protected.

Inspection and Maintenance

Safety and security systems sometimes go quite a long time without being inspected. The time to find out that your fire alarm system has a problem is not the day of the fire. In order prevent devastating loss, we recommend regular inspections of all monitoring systems. Our technicians are well equipped to perform those inspections, diagnose any potential problems and quickly provide needed maintenance. Legally, fire alarms must be inspected once annually, and we highly recommend that during that annual inspection you have the other systems checked as well.

We offer anything from risk management and remote loss; live remote video monitoring, burglar and fire alarm monitoring, inspection services, to system maintenance and service.

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