CalAtlantic’s Inspection Services

On March 12, 2016 By admin

When it comes to protecting your business and valuable employees and customers, you all deserve only the best security system and corresponding inspection services on the market. With a comprehensive, 24-hour video surveillance system that runs on the most advanced technology available, the security products offered at CalAtlantic will help protect and secure your business the way it should be protected-as a whole.

As a business owner, you are likely already aware of the extensive list of potential threats to safety and compromises in security which exist today, as well as how overwhelming it can be to contend with all those forces day in and day out. With the security inspection services of CalAtlantic, you won’t have to worry about taking on such a huge responsibility by yourself, because the security measures and services provided by CalAtlantic allow for a comprehensive solution to all of your business security needs!

CalAtlantic’s all inclusive approach to business security is ideal for protecting the assets and people which make your business a success, around the clock, and from all angles. Take the surveillance systems for example, that when placed strategically throughout a place of business, will help deter crime drastically. The intelligent placement of video surveillance will also help protect your business by recording any and all activity in areas you wouldn’t previously had complete visual access to, like the delivery area and storage rooms, thus deterring employee theft as well.

What makes this security component of CalAtlantic’s inspection services a comprehensive solution concerns the analysis of video, and how such analytics can inform future strategies for business security and protection. Therefore, you can be assured that your business is being safeguarded by the best security solutions, whether you are on the premises or not.

Another security measure featured in the inspection services provided by CalAtlantic is a state-of-the-art access control solution that allows for keyless security to the most vulnerable areas of your business, thus allowing for pinpoint accuracy when it comes to who is permitted to be where and during which hours of the day.

Similarly, the business automation security feature makes it possible for you to remote control certain security options for your business from a distance or automatically, which will greatly improve energy efficiency as well as the overall productivity of your workers. Likewise, consider how the intelligent security lighting can help reduce energy costs while increasing the overall safety of your workplace as well!

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of Cal Atlantic’s inspection services is the burglar alarm monitoring system, a security solution which integrates the safeguarding of all points of entry into your business, as well as vaults and safe systems, by equipping those areas with extremely sensitive alarms and sensors which will alert you and all authorities as soon as a breach has occurred. Additionally, the fire and life safety component of Cal Atlantic’s security system will enhance the safety of all your valuable customers and employees by detecting any threats related to natural disasters, such as fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

So no matter what the threat or potential criminal activity is posing a danger to your business, you can trust the expertise and exceptional inspection services provided by Cal Atlantic.

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