CalAtlantic’s Lighting Solutions that are Perfect for Businesses

On May 12, 2017 By admin

Whether at the home or at the office we all use lighting systems in our daily lives, but not all of us are using them as efficiently as we could be. As electricity and energy costs continue to skyrocket, home and business owners are always on the lookout for more cost-effective ways of lighting their homes and office buildings without having to sacrifice on quality. But how can a lighting system that runs on efficient, energy-saving technology also provide quality lighting solutions?

Intelligent lighting solutions can save you more than money
CalAtlantic’s SmartPod Lighting Solutions are the perfect combination of security and efficiency and can make all the difference in protecting your property without costing you an arm and a leg to do it. Just think about how often you depend upon the lights throughout the building to illuminate your surroundings, making it safer and easier for you to move around. Now think back to the last time one or more of your lights wasn’t working and how much of an impact it had on your daily activities. With the SmartPod Lighting solutions from CalAtlantic, each individual light can be easily programmed to a network that gives you total control over the lighting system, making it less likely that you will find yourself in a compromising situation without access to lights.

Better efficiency and better control with CalAtlantic lighting system
Not only does the SmartPod lighting solution afford you better control over each aspect of your lighting system, it also ends up costing far less money in the long run as compared to traditional lighting solutions:

  • Average 25% longer lamp life than fluorescent or LED lights, thus less maintenance and money spent on replacing expired lights
  • Features like dimming, motion detection sensors, and daylight sensors dramatically improve the efficiency of your energy expenditure without you having to manually do anything
  • CalAtlantic’s lighting solutions can work in conjunction with whatever set up you are currently working with, which can also save you money on replacement costs since you won’t need to rewire your whole system

CalAtlantic’s Lighting Solutions can be combined with other security products

For a comprehensive approach to lighting and security measures, CalAtlantic’s lighting solutions can be combined with the Green Eco Series Solutions, CalAtlantic’s advanced IP surveillance solution. By combining the capabilities of both these CalAtlantic lighting and surveillance solutions, you can

rest assured that your entire facility will not only be protected and monitored at all hours of the day, but that your energy bills will not explode as a result. Imagine the peace of mind you can give yourself knowing that you can check the status of your building with the click of a button, or a glance at screen-all without having to pay the premier price.

Whatever the lighting needs of your business or home are, whether it be better control and automation or simply reduced costs, there is a CalAtlantic lighting solution for you. Never underestimate all that an intelligent lighting system can do for you or your business!

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