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On October 28, 2019 By Team CalAtlantic

What is InteleTraxs? 

InteleTraxs is CalAtlantic’s signature intelligent video surveillance software, allowing commercial establishments real-time monitoring capabilities to deter theft, vandalism, intrusion, and other criminal activity directed towards their place of business. 

An award-winning security system, InteleTraxs offers a single, innovative, open IP video platform for video management for business owners and entrepreneurs. In addition to live video monitoring, InteleTraxs also has a host of other useful features, including video analytics, system integration and alarm management, among others.   

What Makes CalAtlantic’s Security Technology So Special?  

CalAtlantic’s InteleTraxs is powered by artificial intelligence, offering a vastly superior security solution compared to most commercially available video motion detection packages. 

InteleTrax helps turn your static cameras into reliable security management tools, as CalAtlantic’s sophisticated mathematical algorithms filter out irrelevant background activity and deliver only relevant security information, ensuring that you can record significant events like unusual movements in the night or capture enhanced visuals to help you better gather pertinent incident details.  

What Are Some of the Built-in Features of the InteleTraxs System? 

Available features that come with every InteleTraxs security installation include: 

  • Automatic control of PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras 
  • “Smart Search” and business intelligence reports 
  • Highly customizable 
  • Search and display specific incidents immediately 
  • Reduce investigation time 
  • Quick asset protection 
  • CalAtlantic’s Interactive Video Monitoring Surveillance: Enhancing Your Guard Security Solutions with Security Specialists 

Why Is InteleTraxs The Best Security Solution for My Business Establishment?  

CalAtlantics InteleTraxs brings the best of both worlds: cutting-edge security tech and highly trained security specialists.  

Our Interactive Video Monitoring Surveillance Solution is a cost-saving security package that allows you to enhance your on-site security capabilities through the synergy of InteleTraxs working closely in tandem with properly trained and thoroughly competent safety and security professionals.  

What Are the Benefits of CalAtlantic’s Interactive Video Monitoring Surveillance? 

As an effective deterrent against criminal elements operating to undermine your business, our Interactive Video Monitoring Surveillance greatly aids in your peace of mind, knowing you have adequate security measures to protect your business and those under your care.  

CalAtlantic’s Interactive Video Monitoring Surveillance directly benefits your:  

  • Logistics 
  • Risk management 
  • Loss control 
  • Human resources 
  • Security programs 

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