Camera Placement Crucial for Security Systems

On June 6, 2016 By admin

While many of you are already aware of how a video surveillance monitoring system can instantly improve the safety of your home or business, some business and home owners are not aware of how much of an influence camera placement has in terms of whether or not your security system is ultimately successful.

Whether you have a large-scale surveillance system in place at your business or a much simpler video security unit for your home, much of the efficiency in any system depends upon the placement of the cameras and the angles at which they are pointed. If you do not have the correct placement of the cameras, you could be missing valuable footage of something necessary when the time comes.

The proper placement of cameras for example, matters especially after the actual burglary takes places, as it is vital to be able to see when, where and how the thief got in, if you wish to both catch the person and prevent it from happening again.

Experts in video surveillance systems advise that for homes, it is best to place the camera facing an entry point at around eye level, and the purpose of this particular placement is to record the face and facial features of an intruder, as this will give authorities the best chance of identifying and catching them.

The presence of the cameras themselves, including signs, which indicate that they are in use on the premises, will act as a major deterrent for criminal activity as well. Experts also suggest that at least two cameras should be present in your home surveillance system, one inside the home and one on the outside, and ideally both should be positioned at eye level.

While you don’t necessarily need the most expensive cameras and security equipment to feel protected, sometimes it is worth investing in high definition cameras if the circumstances warrant the need for better video analytics.

In addition to the placement of cameras for a successful security system, there are a number of other ways through which you can better protect your home or business with the help of solutions by CalAtlantic. From video surveillance units, perimeter sensors on doors and windows, glass breakage sensors, and even panic button installations, the security products and services provided by CalAtlantic are all you need to protect your business from a variety of potential breaches in security and dangerous situations. The comprehensive anti-burglary system from CalAtlantic for example, offers you the peace of mind you need when it comes to knowing that your business is safe 24 hours a day, no matter what the circumstances are.

Not only are the security solutions made of state-of-the-art technology, but the security experts and technicians at CalAtlantic are also top of the line in terms of understanding how to best address the unique needs of the individual client and business.

Remember that there is no better time than the present to start protecting your business with the proper protection by investing in a security system from CalAtlantic today!

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