Why Do I Need a Fire Alarm System for My Business?

On March 30, 2021 By Team CalAtlantic

Fire is a common cause of workplace accidents in the United States. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, a cascade of fire incidents in non-residential buildings was recorded from 2014 […]

Security systems that you must have in 2021

On March 15, 2021 By Team CalAtlantic

Safety must always come first. With all the security systems available in the market, what are the ones you should get?                   […]

How Do I Implement A Data-Rich Video Surveillance Strategy?

On October 11, 2020 By Team CalAtlantic

Videos provide a lot of value to a company’s safety and security. In this age of digital information, there are many data sensors such as cameras and live-motion sensors that […]

The Importance of Video Surveillance in Car Dealerships

On September 18, 2020 By Team CalAtlantic

Your car dealership business needs “eyes” — full disclosure, enhanced verification, regulation compliance check, and so much more in real-time.  Car dealerships almost always occupy a massive space, and several […]

CCTV or Security Guards — Which Should I Invest In?

On May 22, 2020 By Team CalAtlantic

For many smart business owners, it’s not a question of whether they should be investing in security, but rather just how much security they should be getting. Ideally, the answer […]

History of Camera Surveillance

On April 30, 2020 By Team CalAtlantic

Surveillance is nothing new. For many years, we have seen its application in many industries. Although it was used limitedly, records show that it has been around since the 1940s. […]

Everything You Need To Know About Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems For Retail

On April 10, 2020 By Team CalAtlantic

Video surveillance continues to be a part of any safety-conscious retail establishment’s security program. Thanks to advances in video technology and machine learning, surveillance systems today are a lot smarter, […]

Lighting Solutions for Retail

On January 29, 2020 By Team CalAtlantic

It is not a secret that lighting can do wonders for a business. It is a way of transforming a space into something more pleasing and attractive. The purpose of […]

Video Surveillance, Analytics, and Monitoring (InteleTraxs) Solutions for Retail

On December 10, 2019 By Team CalAtlantic

Video Surveillance, Analytics, and Monitoring Solutions have become an essential tool for any retail business. What started as an instrument for security and protection among retailers has become something more […]

Organized Retail Crime Continues to Be a Serious Threat to Merchants

On November 18, 2019 By admin

For those in the business of retail, worrying about operations, sales quotas, and local store marketing is one thing. Worrying about organized retail crime (or ORC’s) is another issue altogether. […]