Caught on Cam: Dog Crashes Car

On September 15, 2016 By admin

Believe it or not, the following news headline is actually true: “Surveillance video shows dog crashing owner’s car into Walmart, 2nd dog rides shotgun” (, 8/2/16).

Sounds like a scene out of a movie right? Well, if it wasn’t for the surveillance camera in place then the world might not have learned about this crazy story, and many would be left wondering how in the world the car crashed into the Walmart in the first place!

At the beginning of August this year in a Walmart parking lot in West Virginia, the dog’s owner (and licensed driver, unlike the dog) left her canine companions in the (running) car while she went into the store for a quick purchase. Then upon returning to the parking lot, she was greeted by the police who informed her that her dogs had crashed her car into the Walmart building! Thankfully, it was a minor crash and no one was hit, but you’re probably now asking yourself just exactly how a dog was able to put a car in drive and end up crashing into a building! Well fortunately for everyone involved in the situation, we are able to answer this question thanks only to the presence of a high-quality video surveillance system that captured and recording the entire incident.

Aside from the natural hilarity of this situation and the fact that no person or dog was injured as a result, there is an important lesson to be learned from this incident, and it is simply that a surveillance system is absolutely essential when it comes to protecting every facet of your business. Now imagine this: the same situation as described above happens, the only difference, this time, is that there is no surveillance system in place to record said incident. How would having a surveillance camera set up in the parking lot make any difference in this situation?

As was the case in the West Virginia Walmart parking lot earlier this summer, there were no witnesses to the canine car crash, and so if it weren’t for the presence of the surveillance camera, no one-not the owner of the car, the manager of the Walmart, or the insurance company- would have been able to prove what had happened to cause the crash. Needless to say, if this incident had not been captured on the surveillance system network it’s likely that some type of damages would have had to have been paid on behalf of the Walmart or the car manufacturer. But thanks to high-definition surveillance footage from Walmart’s security system, authorities were able to quickly determine that one of the dog’s dislodged the gear shift, causing the vehicle to coast straight into the nearest building.

So the moral of this story for every business owner is that if you want to protect your company, employees, and customers from everything from car crashes to robberies, you must invest in a high-quality surveillance system that catches even the most unexpected of situations. For more information on what the optimal surveillance security options are for your business, contact CalAtlantic today to find out how we can help protect all of your company’s assets!

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