CCTV or Security Guards — Which Should I Invest In?

On May 22, 2020 By Team CalAtlantic

For many smart business owners, it’s not a question of whether they should be investing in security, but rather just how much security they should be getting.

Ideally, the answer to whether you should invest more on CCTV or security personnel should be: if you can get both options, get both.

If you have limited resources from the very start and are forced to make a choice, then you should probably go with a CCTV solution first and then invest in some security guards when you can. 

CCTV: Pros and Cons

Closed-circuit television surveillance systems are a great way to beef up your security right away. Even the most basic, entry-level CCTV solutions are able to give you video logs of daily activities within the office and around your place of work.

Just by having video surveillance, criminal elements (both from the outside and from within) will think twice about breaking in, stealing, or any other illegal or morally questionable activity for fear of getting caught on camera.

Advantages of CCTV 

  • Surveillance on chokepoints in and around the business
  • Integrated audio for recording and warning off potential intruders
  • Lower levels of required maintenance, higher uptime
  • 24-7 coverage
  • Lower long-term costs

Note that you have a wide range of CCTV solutions available in the marketplace, from entry-level video surveillance packages to more sophisticated, A.I.-powered intelligent video systems. Depending on the technology used in your CCTV system, you might have more than a few disadvantages:

Disadvantages of CCTV

  • Older, lower-tech models may have issues with resolution and display
  • Limited range; can only cover a particular area, corridor, doorway, or path within a room.
  • May require someone to monitor red flag activity and respond to alerts
  • “Inside job” criminal elements might be familiar with potential blind spots or loopholes of the local CCTV system over time.

Synergizing Video with Security Personnel

Complementing your existing video security measures with security hires will almost certainly improve your overall security capabilities.

In the same manner that you have all kinds of CCTV solutions, the same can be said about security personnel, with different specializations, levels of experience, and levels of expertise. Nevertheless, hired security professionals do undergo training to be able to do their jobs well, and can be a welcome addition to your team as far as safety and security are concerned.

A capable security guard is also an effective deterrent to criminal activity. In addition, having the “human factor” allows the guard to also make judgment calls, defuse potential situations, and work with local authorities to help apprehend more determined and motivated criminals as necessary.

Combining your existing video surveillance with human security personnel can help cover all your bases and maximize the effectiveness of your establishment’s security.

Intelligent Video Surveillance

Modern-day CCTV security systems can be equipped with an array of extra bells and whistles that further extend and enhance your capabilities when it comes to safeguarding your establishments.

  • smart sensors
  • full HD video quality
  • remote monitoring
  • motion detection
  • night vision and all-weather image enhancements
  • audio warnings
  • loudspeakers that can “talk down” suspects on site.
  • periodic and regular backups to the cloud

Smart video surveillance systems are a lot more efficient than entry-level, more traditional solutions (for a variety of reasons). The cost of setting up systems like these might require a larger cash outlay but will pay off over the long-term, especially in preventing criminal activity and adding to your peace of mind.

Video surveillance vs security staff

A Final Word About CCTVs and Security Guards

In a perfect system, you would want to get both an adequate CCTV surveillance system combined with capable security personnel.

A CCTV by itself is not enough to prevent burglars and highly motivated criminal elements from making attempts against your business. More savvy intruders might be aware of blind spots or other loopholes in your security, and this is where added security guards can come in handy.

If you have to, you can start with having CCTV first, then employ security personnel as soon as you are able. 

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