Choosing a Video Surveillance System

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To come up with the perfect video surveillance system that would match your home security needs, planning is very important. Some key factors that are needed to be considered are the size and layout of the home, the number of entry points, the lighting in the perimeter, and the features that you would suit your needs and your budget. Finding a system that would be tailored-fit for you may be tricky but this would ensure that your safety is not compromised.

How many video surveillance cameras do I need?

The number of cameras needed for your home’s video surveillance system primarily depends on the size of your house. Bigger houses would need more cameras than smaller houses.

The house’s layout is another issue. Usually, four cameras may be enough to cover for the entire perimeter; capturing the outside of the four corners of most homes. However, not all residences are quadrilateral in their layout. Thus, if the layout of your house creates blind spots for your video surveillance, a camera that would cover such an area would be needed. If in case, there are no entry points in the blind spots, adding cameras in these places won’t be needed after all. Make sure that rooms that contain your valuables are equipped with cameras to ensure these are not left unguarded.

Which is better for me – hidden, or visible cameras?

The dilemma in choosing between visible cameras and hidden cameras for your video surveillance systems could be solved on identifying your approach in keeping your home secured. If you only want to deter prospective criminals from breaking in, or capturing the very bold – or oblivious – ones, then visible cameras are for you. Knowing that they can be identified through your video surveillance, criminals would have second thoughts before they take action. For the ridiculously dense ones, these cameras wouldn’t even be a bother.

If you would prefer to covertly capture the criminals on the act, in hopes that you could turn them in to the authorities soon enough, then it is better to choose hidden cameras. It may be better to be incognito and have the wrong-doers placed behind bars than to simply keep them off your property for the mean time.

How will I deal with lighting issues?

Lighting is a big factor that not many people consider, but actually plays an important role in choosing the video surveillance system best for you. Some cameras are already built with adaptability to both day and night. Such a feature costs more of course.

If you are sure that your camera would be placed in a well-lit area both in the day and in the night, then there’s no need to choose a more pricey set of equipment. If the case is otherwise, either provide the lighting, or pick a camera with day-and-night visibility. Also consider whether you’d opt for an indoor or an outdoor camera.

What extra features would I need?

There are lots of nifty features that come with modern video surveillance cameras. Most features consider storage and remote surveillance.

For basic security needs, cameras with built-in memory cards are okay but in the long run, a dedicated digital video recorder would make more sense to be used as it can store more video.

Also reflect on whether you’d want to remotely see the feed from your video surveillance via the Internet as there are IP cameras would allow you to check your home from anywhere in the globe.

In Conclusion

With all these considerations, you should be able to assess your security needs against camera features. Whatever video surveillance you may require, CalAtlantic has the right system for you.

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