Crime Ring Targets Car Dealership

On September 20, 2016 By admin

Authorities and investigators in Auburndale, Florida have been perplexed by the sudden increase of burglaries caught on car dealership video surveillance footage in recent months. An increase so alarming in fact that many security experts suspect the involvement of a crime ring.

Video surveillance footage shows the group of thieves in the act of smashing through the glass doors and climbing through to steal five sets of keys and subsequently drive off in five stolen cars.

What is perhaps most troubling about this incident though is the fact authorities say this was not an isolated incident, as similar burglaries of other car dealerships have been on the rise in areas throughout central Florida.

The footage captured on the video surveillance system of the car dealership seemed to indicate that these thieves knew exactly where to go to locate the keys, evidence that could indeed indicate the involvement of a crime ring, as most run-of-the-mill thieves don’t operate with such coordination while burglarizing a car dealership.

While authorities were able to recover all five of the stolen vehicles, these burglaries should be troubling to any car dealership owner, or any business owner for that matter.

Authorities have also revealed that some arrests have been made but that there are a number of car thieves still out there that have not been brought to justice, leading many to believe that this pattern of criminal activity just may continue on until they are.

There is however still hope, and that hope remains not only in the law enforcement officers and other officials who help investigate and even prevent these burglaries from happening in the first place, but also with the video surveillance technologies that make it possible to help apprehend those criminals once they have committed a crime.

In other words, while we may not be able to stop all criminal activity from ever taking place and every robbery from ever being committed, what we can do is help deter and capture criminals with the use of surveillance systems like video cameras and other smart security solutions. For example, authorities in Auburndale were able to analyze the footage from the surveillance system at the car dealership to ascertain important information that leads to the capture of the car thieves. The technology behind the surveillance system made it possible for investigators to connect the multiple car dealership burglaries across the state of Florida to the one captured in the footage.

So if there is a lesson to be learned from this story it is that we are better off protecting ourselves and our businesses with security solutions like video surveillance cameras, and similar solutions that make is more likely to prevent and stop theft and crime.

The video surveillance system of the car dealership in Auburndale should serve as a reminder to all businesses and business owners out there that we must do everything we can to protect our companies, our investments, the people we work with, and the safety and security of all three of them.

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