Everything you need to know about the FleetTraxs supply chain

On April 29, 2019 By admin

Supply chain management is an integral part of businesses to become successful and for customer satisfaction. To be able to achieve that, the supply chain must operate seamlessly across manufacturing, distribution, and service and supply channels.

A glitch or overlooked detail could have compromise your bottom line and your business in general if the problem is not pinpointed and addressed immediately.

That’s why managing large fleet operations requires the right surveillance tools to minimize risks arising from every aspect of the supply chain.

Keeping tabs on where your products are is critical in coping with safety risks, reducing costs and maximizing gains to keep any business afloat.

And we at CalAtlantic understand how vital the task of logistics, fleet, security and risk managers so we have developed FleetTraxs solution.

Our FleetTraxs solution is robust and comprehensive transportation, fleet and asset management tool that allows you security features to monitor your assets through the supply chain in real-time.

It helps you answer questions on the whereabouts of your products. FleetTraxs uses GPS technology & enhanced RFID technology to track your assets globally and to tell you precisely where your assets are located—whether in your facility or in transit.

Meanwhile, FleetTraxs also has built-in motion sensors that notify you once the assets begin to move or leave the designated area.

Apart from monitoring your assets, it also provides exclusive audit reports to track personnel, fleet, and cargo regularly.

With strict driving laws in most states, our solution also makes sure your fleet and cargo are protected with the world’s only “talking” vehicle reversing aids, side and reverse camera kits, and cell phone control solutions, which has helped many fleet managers reduce accidents.

FleetTraxs also features Yard Management, Automatic Email Alerts, Specific Cargo Tracking Solutions, Point to Point Reporting and Audit Controls, and Ingress/Egress Access Control.

CalAtlantic recognizes your need to move assets around faster, so we are offering what your business needs—managing your supply chain through FleetTraxs Solution. Shoot us an email, and we’ll provide a tailor-fit solution for your business.

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