Fire and Life Safety Security Solutions

On February 22, 2018 By admin

Why risk the safety of your employees and increase the chances of having a major disaster such as a fire, with subpar fire and safety solutions? With CalAtlantic’s comprehensive safety and fire protection products, you don’t have to sacrifice the cost of brand new expensive equipment because not only are our fire and safety solutions cost-effective in terms of installation and maintenance but they are also capable of being integrated seamlessly with any system your business may currently have.

The following are just a few examples of the fire sand safety solutions provided by CalAtlantic:

Smoke detectors:

With a combination of sensitivity and long-lasting durability, CalAtlantic’s smoke detectors are proven to be able to detect fires before they have time to become life threatening, and work in tandem with a system that alerts the proper authorities right away.

Gas detectors:

In addition to high quality smoke detectors which can immediately detect and alert you to the presence of smoke and fire in any room or area of your business, CalAtlantic also has top of the line gas detection systems which measure the level of potentially hazardous gases in the air, such as carbon monoxide, which can often go undetected without the use of proper life safety technology.

Notification systems to immediately communicate hazards:

A fast response to a potential hazard is key in order to have a successful fire and life safety system capable of protecting your business. CalAtlantic solutions provide exceptional communication between the detection and alert phases of the system, giving you the peace of mind that only smart safety and security can provide.

Dealing with unique substances that require special safety protections?

CalAtlantic has your business covered with special hazards suppression as well, and for those businesses in need of more advanced protection for their assets, we provide solutions which can ensure the right measures are taken should an accident or mishap occur.

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