Here’s Why Auto Dealerships Shouldn’t Ignore The Need For Security Surveillance

On July 10, 2013 By admin

When it comes to rising premiums from insurance coverage, businesses in the automotive industry are presently finding it difficult to ignore the need for an effective risk management plan. Nowadays in today’s slowly-but-steadily rising economy, many auto dealership owners are recognizing the need for reliable surveillance security in order to protect their assets and reduce their liability costs.Just like many businesses in the retail sector, the goal of many dealerships is to maximize employee efficiency and ensure profitability.Surveillance equipment is instrumental in helping car dealerships realize their long-term goals by offering them protection and immediate response times to emergencies.

Asset Protection

Not to state the obvious but first and foremost, the main reason for retrofitting the premises with reliable security surveillance equipment is to monitor capital and prevent vandalism or theft. Making sure the service drive is equipped with security cameras helps operations managers keep track of the company’svehicles.In terms of long-term benefits, insuring up to a million dollars worth of capital makes security surveillance a worthwhile investment.

Security and Safety

Adequately preparing against outside threats is key to a good risk mitigation policy. Through factoring good security surveillance into existing disaster and safety preparedness strategies, dealerships can protect their employees from unexpected hazards. Instances of break-ins, armed robbery, and assaults can be dealt with immediately with the help of security cameras. With regards to compliance issues, dealerships must also meet OSHA safety regulations to prevent workplace injuries.

Live remote video monitoring enables dealerships to eliminate the need for on-site security guards, as well as stopping multi-dealer vehicle theft with an effective 3-step plan:

  • Firstly, video surveillance facilitates detection of the crime that is taking place.
  • Operations managers can directly coordinate with local law enforcement and auto mall security personnel.
  • Finally the thieves and vandals can be captured for their crimes.

Reducing Liability

Auto dealerships have a lot of government regulations to abide by in order to be compliant towards local, federal, and government standards. One thing that often gets overlooked is the fact that reliable surveillance systems help dealerships to meet safety standards, reducing the business’ overall liability and helping them avoid litigation from customers and employees.As an end result, avoiding costly legal matters helps dealerships to save thousands of dollars.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies set their rates and premiums based on calculated risks. When businesses like car dealerships have millions of dollars of inventory lying around their service drive and parking lot, they open themselves up to the high risk of theft. By having a reliable security camera system installed, many insurance companies will lower their rates and premiums due to the dramatic decrease in the risk for crimes. Lower insurance rates translate into a decrease in overhead costs for car dealerships on the whole.

Key Takeaways

For businesses in the automotive industry, it’s important to acknowledge the overwhelming benefits of security surveillance for day-to-day operations and long-term operations.Security cameras protectthe business’assets and inventory, while allowing dealership owners to save on unforeseen costs from petty crimes and injuries. Remote access security cameras also allow dealership owners to protect their employees and avoid costly litigation matters, while saving on operational costs with lower insurance premiums.

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