How Applied Technology and “Smart” Security Camera Prevent Business Losses

On May 24, 2021 By Team CalAtlantic

The use of video surveillance and security cameras plays a vital role in your workplace security in which the goal is to prevent break-ins and other criminal activities, reduce liabilities and insurance, and deter employee theft and embezzlement. 

How Applied Technology and “Smart” Security Camera Prevent Business Losses













However, security cameras alone are not enough to protect your businesses from criminal activities and losses. Leading security expert CalAtlantic says video surveillance must be combined with applied technology to make it “smarter” and more cost-effective. 

In a nutshell, applied technology in video surveillance combines system and alarm management, security software, video analytics, and reliable data storage system, the California-based security firm adds. 


Software Integrates with Video Management 

CalAtlantic uses a powerful software that integrates with video management and analytics, creating a “smart” security camera system that can perform the following tasks: 

  • Track motions and zoom in on whatever is moving through the camera’s field of view.
  • Recognize license plate. 
  • Track removed or left object.
  • Classify objects.
  • Count people and vehicles.
  • Identify occupancy.
  • Detect wrong direction.
  • Detect loitering.
  • Use “virtual fence” to detect activity.
  • Detect dwell time, i.e., the time an online user spends viewing a document. 


Lack of Workplace Security Protocol Is An Expensive Mistake 

A good number of startups and small- and medium-sized companies overlook the importance of workplace security until they suffer huge losses and damages due to break-ins, employee theft and embezzlement, shoplifting, and other criminal activities. 

Previous surveys show that 95% of US companies experience burglary and theft at some point, and 33% that filed for bankruptcy blamed employee theft and embezzlement as the root cause, causing around $50 billion losses annually, according to Statistic Brain. 

Fraud, theft, shoplifting, and other organized retail crimes can also put a dent in your profitability. In a report released by the National Retail Federation, these crimes caused the industry a total of $61.7 billion losses in 2019, up from $50.6 billion from the previous year. 


How Applied Technology and Smart Security Camera Prevent Losses 

While several studies have already shown the effectiveness of “smart” security cameras in preventing and deterring criminal activities, a 2013 study conducted by researchers from the University of North Carolina is notable for its “focus” on the burglars’ motives. 

The study, which involved more than 400 convicted offenders, found that 60% would move on and find another target if the commercial buildings or homes had alarm on-site. 


These are the other notable findings of the study: 

  • Around 83% said they would determine if there was a security camera with an alarm system before attempting a burglary; this was particularly true among offenders who would spend more time planning larceny. 
  • Half of those who discovered an alarm and security system said they would discontinue their attempt.
  • Another 31% of those who discovered an alarm said they would consider retreating. 
  • Only 13% said they would continue with the burglary attempt even after finding out the presence of an alarm and camera system. 
  • The vast majority of burglars said they would look for signs of increased security, e.g., outdoor cameras and other surveillance devices, alarms, alarm signs, dogs, etc. 


Final Word on Applied Technology and “Smart” Security Camera:

The use of applied technology to make security cameras and alarm systems “smarter” plays a critical role in reducing business losses caused by burglary, employee theft, fraud, and other criminal activities.

Aside from losses from criminal activities, “smart” security cameras can also prevent frivolous premise liability lawsuits. For example, high-quality video footage can protect your business from slip-and-fall accident claims filed by scheming individuals. 


To learn more about “smart” security cameras and other crime-deterrent technologies, contact business management and security expert CalAtlantic


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