CalAtlantic: How Are We Different from Other Security Companies?

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For more than 25 years, CalAtlantic has been the leading security solution company in the US, serving thousands of clients in 30 states, including Hawaii. Meanwhile, their growing clientele now includes European companies that need security solutions that rely on intelligent software and big data. 

But what sets apart CalAtlantic from other security solution providers? 


Here, we list the reasons why the company has positioned itself as an industry leader. 

1) CalAtlantic is a world-class security company that acts locally. 

Despite being an international security provider, CalAtlantic ensures that its service is locally relevant to each client, which is possible by keeping an open line of communication. 

Through in-depth consultation with its clients and market research, the company can provide customized security service solutions based on the industry, business, and home needs and local community. 


2) It provides a highly customized service solution. 

Unlike most security companies that provide cookie-cutter solutions, CalAtlantic designs their security systems based on their client’s specific needs. After all, the security needs greatly vary between a home, an auto manufacturer, a condominium office, a jewelry shop, a local bank, a restaurant, and an electronic store. 


3) Its security solutions cover transportation. 

Certain industries such as retailers, wholesalers, movers, courier services, gas companies, and insurance firms use fleets as part of their daily operations. However, many of them lack a tracking system that can improve the efficiency of their fleet, minimize risks and downtime, and provide excellent communication lines between the drivers, supervisors, and other stakeholders. 

With CalAtlantic’s Fleet Trax, their clients can access tracking and asset monitoring systems.


4) It has alarm monitoring services that use smart technology.

The alarm monitoring services center, or more commonly called “Central Station,” is the site where home and business alarm systems are monitored for a wide range of threats such as burglary, break-in, fire, carbon monoxide, and vandalism.  

CalAtlantic’s Central Station uses smart technology to reduce false alarms that are often triggered by poor lighting and inclement weather. They also follow rigid standards that include backup power sources that are critical in the event of a power outage and have concrete-reinforced buildings that can withstand attack. 


5) The security provider uses top-notch analytic software. 

CalAtlantic uses InteleTraxs video analytics, smart software that has a wide range of physical security applications thanks to its features that include real-time information alerts, on-demand reports, and event-based search or archived videos.

This software can also eliminate irrelevant activities that are causing false alarms and integrate well with video management.


Other applications include: 

  • Motion tracking
  • Automatic license plate recognition
  • Dwell time
  • People and vehicle counting
  • Object classification
  • Occupancy
  • Auto-PTZ tracking 
  • Left and removed object 
  • Perimeter detection


6) CalAtlantic offers complete security solutions.

One of the most notable advantages of partnering with CalAtlantic is that they cover all security solutions, making them the leading one-stop-shop in the US security industry. 

  • Business solutions: automotive, retail, supply chain logistics, and transportation
  • Security products: surveillance, access control, burglar, fire/life safety, business & home automation to business analytics and lighting
  •  Security services: risk management & remote loss, live remote video monitoring, burglar & fire alarm monitoring, inspection services, and system maintenance & service


7) They offer smart lighting that integrates with security solutions. 

CalAtlantic’s SmartPod is a low-cost, energy-efficient lighting solution that integrates with its monitoring and security systems. 

As an energy-efficient lighting solution, SmartPod has a daylight detector that turns the light off automatically when enough light is in the room. It can also detect motion and will turn on when an occupant/intruder is within the area.


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