How CalAtlantic Can Help with Cargo Monitoring

On June 22, 2015 By admin

With the rapidly developing marketplace of today’s globalized economy and the increased demands for speedy delivery of assets as well as return on investments, it is imperative to minimize your company’s risk by ensuring the safe and timely transport of cargo.

CalAtlantic Cargo Monitoring

CalAtlantic can help your business adapt to the constant flux in transport technology simply by providing your business with the most trusted surveillance system currently available for cargo monitoring and asset protection. CalAtlantic also sets the standard when it comes to maintaining the safe transport of especially valuable and/or fragile cargo items, ensuring that your valuable items will be handled with care throughout the entirety of the journey. Even while being moved at a fast pace across the globe, you can be confident that your valuable cargo remains safe and sound under the security of cargo monitoring from CalAtlantic. The advanced monitoring system maintains constant supervision over the cargo, a network of supervision, which promotes the secure transport of your investment, from pick-up to destination and everywhere in between.

CalAtlantic Smart Asset Monitoring Technology

One way CalAtlantic provides cargo monitoring solutions, is through the unique use of asset monitoring technology, a system that makes it easier to protect cargo with increased visual access and heightened virtual control over important safety features. Such a system also ends up saving your business time on delivery, translating into a quicker return on investment. Likewise, this improved surveillance system also helps reduce expenses because the monitoring capabilities of CalAtlantic’s video surveillance system far exceed that of what any human is capable of, thus eliminating the need for additional employees to be doing the work the monitoring system is better suited to do in the first place. In other words, since technology has an edge over humans when it comes to visual surveillance and item monitoring over long periods of time, it only makes sense to take advantage of such technology. As such, CalAtlantic has found a way to combine the accuracy of this technology with the expertise of cargo movers to create a monitoring system guaranteed to safely and timely deliver your valuable cargo.

Keep Your Cargo Safe with CalAtlantic Monitoring System

CalAtlantic can successfully help monitor the safety and condition of any cargo, no matter how big or small, because of the advanced tracking and monitoring systems constantly aware of every asset, from the time it enters the facility to the time it leaves. From the protocol for personnel coming into contact with the cargo, to the electronic monitoring cameras and sensors, all precautions are taken in order to ensure that risk is limited and that asset loss is minimized. You can trust CalAtlantic with the entire cargo monitoring process, whatever that cargo may be and wherever it may need to go, because our team will not leave any small detail to chance. Contact us today to find out more about how you can protect your assets even when they are being transported from another place to another.

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