How FleetTraxs Can Help Your Business

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The transportation industry of today is truly a globalized market and since businesses are exchanging ideas and products across the world at breakneck speeds every minute of the day, the number of challenges for businesses in the transportation industry has also increased as a result.

Fortunately, however, the advancements made in the business security industry are up to the task of protecting your company and securing your assets from harm during and throughout the entire fleet transportation process.

CalAtlantic best addresses all of these issues with our state-of-the-art asset monitoring technology, FleetTraxs Solution. FleetTraxs is a comprehensive management tool which gives you the ability to protect and secure your fleet in ways that will completely change how you think about business surveillance; let’s take a closer look at some of the ways and reasons why this surveillance solution from CalAtlantic can benefit the transportation industry at large.

FleetTraxs: What Is It and How Does It Work?

As a comprehensive asset management tool, one of the purposes of FleetTraxs is to assist your loss prevention system with minimizing risk to your fleet and equipment during transit. The asset tracking systems part of CalAtlantic’s FleetTrax solution utilizes a GPS system which enhances the ability of your surveillance system to reduce the potential for cargo deficits during transit.

FleetTraxs: Its Features and Capabilities

Intelligent business solutions for the transportation industry include:

  • Enhanced RFID technology gives you superior tracking capabilities to constantly track the location of your fleet no matter what stage of the transit process that asset is in, at any location on the globe.
  • Real-time inventory and GPS tracking reports make it quick and simple to get the vital specific information your business needs to stay in communication with your partners and clients.
  • Be notified of all asset movement with FleetTraxs built-in motion sensors, and with comprehensive audit reports detailing the personnel who took and received the inventory, the duration, and other relevant asset monitoring information.
  • Protect the safety of freight and freight operators with advanced transportation surveillance solutions like, Vehicle Reversing Aid System and Distracted Driver technology, both of which help to improve the safety and efficiency of freight transportation.

How Will FleetTraxs Help My Business?

Not only will the intelligent business security solutions of FleetTraxs provide a cost-effective way of protecting your assets during transit, CalAtlantic’s intelligent business tools also help to save your business money over time as well. Since FleetTraxs acts as a comprehensive risk management system, it will help your business avoid some of the costliest pitfalls associated with the transportation industry, like lost cargo and equipment operator mistakes, thus dramatically reducing costs for your business.

The intelligent solutions of FleetTraxs are also easy to integrate with existing security and loss prevention systems, which is also a cost-saving measure as you will not have to completely replace any investment you already have made in surveillance.

FleetTraxs also helps your business by dramatically reducing the overall time your cargo spends in transit, thus saving you more money in the long haul than any other surveillance security system.

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