How Has the Role of a Security Guard Changed?

On November 3, 2020 By Team CalAtlantic

Security guards are a staple in every business. They basically serve as walking CCTV cameras that can apprehend suspicious shoppers and catch them in the act. They can also function as a customer service representative to answer simple questions about the business or area he (or she) is assigned to. With today’s advancements in security surveillance technology, how has the role of a security guard changed?

The Rise of Tech Innovations

There have been several innovations in security technology that have changed how security guards did their job. For instance, the invention of store security alarms made the guards more efficient in their job. Instead of exerting a lot of time and effort trying to keep an eye on literally everyone inside the store, security guards can relax a little bit more by allowing the alarms to secure the products.

Once someone tries to leave the store with an unpaid item, the security device will detect the unremoved security tag and trigger an alarm. The security guard can then simply talk to the person who caused the alarm to go off and investigate the situation.

Unfortunately, this efficiency doesn’t always translate to effectiveness. Sometimes, a paying customer forgets to have the electronic tags removed, triggering the alarm as he (or she) leaves. When the guard tries to stop the customer from leaving while asking necessary security questions, it can upset the customer, which doesn’t bode well with the business’s satisfaction ratings.

Another common innovation used by stores nowadays is a self-checkout system. While these systems can save the business a significant amount of money by removing traditional cashier check-outs, they can prove to be quite challenging for security guards. Since there isn’t any human intervention, it’s easy for malicious people to conceal items at self-checkouts or use false-scanning techniques to get a lower price for items. Guards will find it more difficult to monitor multiple checkouts when there are many customers in the shop, making it easier for theft instances to occur.

The Pandemic Effect

The COVID-19 pandemic also added new tasks for the security guard to do. Aside from the usual job description that entails protecting the business from suspicious personnel and behavior, security guards are now in charge of making sure proper social distancing guidelines are in effect inside the store at all times.

To check if customer safety is being upheld, the guard has to ensure that the number of all customers inside the store stays within a fixed value at all times, with the value dependent on the business’s available space. Guards have also been assigned to enforce hygiene standards on customers before letting them inside the store, including using hand sanitizer and wearing masks, among others.

Fixing these Issues with More Technology

The challenges as mentioned earlier, including the ones caused by innovations, can be addressed by supporting the existing security systems with more advanced technology. Using AI-controlled surveillance cameras, for example, can significantly improve not just the security but the overall operations of a business.

New technologies such as deep learning and video analytics can help security guards better analyze the customers’ behaviors inside the store, leading to quicker detections of suspicious activity. The same technology can also be used so that surveillance systems can easily find out which customers are not adhering to the new hygiene requirements inside the store. There are even audio security options available now to help strengthen security measures inside the store while improving communications between the security personnel.

A Final Word on the Security Guard’s New Role

While security guards now face many new tasks and challenges due to the pandemic situation and recent innovations, the purpose of their job remains the same: to make sure that the business is well-protected and secure from any internal or external threats.

The continuous improvements in technology are solving the shortcomings of the previous innovations one by one, which will undoubtedly cause more improvement to how security guards work in the future. Every security system needs to make sure that they utilize these technological advancements to be better at what they’re supposed to do. If your business needs assistance with the newest and most effective security systems, you can always turn to CalAtlantic.

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(Source: IFSEC Global)

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