Inteletraxs – Intelligent Video Surveillance

On August 9, 2016 By admin

When we talk about intelligent video surveillance and how it works specifically in retail environments, we are talking about more than just security; instead, intelligent video surveillance technologies allow businesses to thrive and expand in a variety of ways that go beyond simple security measures. Think about it this way: since a successful business depends on a collaborative approach to areas of operation like marketing and development, the same idea applies to creating a successful security system which incorporates the interdependent parts of your entire business operation.

This is exactly where CalAtlantic’s Security and Business Management Solutions come in. CalAtlantic has been serving the diverse needs of the retail business community for over 25 years, by supplying clients with innovative solutions to some of the today’s toughest problems in safety, security, business performance and most importantly, customer satisfaction. One of the most innovative Cal Atlantic solutions to date, InteleTraxs, was developed in collaboration with the world’s largest retailers to create the state-of-the-art security and business management software.

So what is it specifically about InteleTraxs that makes it the optimal security and business management solution for retail businesses and distribution centers, you may be asking yourself? Not only does InteleTraxs optimize the potential of existing security systems, this intelligent business management, and security tool can actually add value to any business, in addition to the following features as well:

  • Promotes the accurate and effective collection and analysis of video surveillance footage.
  • Enhances security with comprehensive video analysis to better protect your business, 
employees, clients, and partners.
  • Integrated video analytics also allows for an advanced look at individual employee 
performance, giving you opportunities to evaluate and improve the way your business works unlike ever before.
  • Dramatically improve your retail loss prevention system with high-definition video 
surveillance solutions, as well increase the range and scope of your security operations with
strategic placement of cameras.
  • Revolutionize the way your business catalogs and archives data relevant to security and 
business management, thus not only improving the safety of your premises but the efficiency
of your business as well.
  • Take better control of problems in real-time with live notifications of potential issues like long
waits in customer checkout lines, or an unbalanced ratio of employees to customers in the 
  • Extremely sensitive detection monitors dramatically decrease the rate of missed incidents, 
resulting in not only a safer workplace but a stronger bottom line as well.
  • Save big on labor costs, as loss prevention employees will no longer have to spend hours and 
hours manually reviewing video surveillance footage; instead, the video analytics of InteleTraxs instantly analyze all incoming data for types of information that the human eye tends to miss.
  • Features like Advanced Search and Compliance completely transform the way we program, use, and apply video analytics to the entire retail community.

When it comes to fulfilling your responsibility to your customers and clients, and protecting your business as well as the general safety of the community you work in, it is paramount to have a surveillance system that works in collaboration with every aspect and area of your business, which is why InteleTraxs is the ultimate solution for your business. Contact CalAtlantic today to find out more about the InteleTraxs!

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