Lighting Solutions for Retail

On January 29, 2020 By Team CalAtlantic

It is not a secret that lighting can do wonders for a business. It is a way of transforming a space into something more pleasing and attractive. The purpose of lighting has evolved over the years. What was initially used as a way to merely illuminate an area has become a means to convey messages. In fact, a lot of retail businesses spend vast amounts of money to have lighting in their stores professionally designed. 

Nowadays, lighting technology has become more advanced. Intelligent lighting solutions are now available for businesses. CalAtlantic offers the most comprehensive lighting solution. Dubbed as LumiTraxs, it has the combined feature of both intelligent programming and energy efficiency. 

Here are the things lighting solutions can do for you and your retail business: 

Improved Security  

LumiTraxs can be used in conjunction with other security solutions offered by CalAtlantic. You can program your lighting system in a manner that best fits your security needs. You can set the lighting functions at a specific time, for a particular period. It beats traditional lighting by a mile. For instance, you need certain areas in your store protected with extra lighting. Motion-activated sensors can be incorporated into the lighting system to improve security and safety in your retail business. 

Energy Efficiency  

Most retailers fear that the amount you need to maintain an intelligent lighting solution is enormous. However, CalAtlantic employed technology that makes LumiTraxs light more energy efficient. Compared to other lighting types such as LED, HID, florescent, the lights used in our system last 25% longer. While at first, it may appear like a larger sum of money, it is an investment for your business. The quality and the performance of the LumiTraxs lights are unparalleled. You do not need to worry about its upkeep since it is guaranteed to last long, and it requires minimal maintenance. 

No major renovations 

Other companies will try to pursue you to do a significant overhaul of your entire lighting system. You will be required to change many things that are not necessary. CalAtlantic is different. LumiTraxs can work with the current lighting system in your business. There is no need to reconfigure the whole targeted area to make it work.  

Marketing tool 

As mentioned above, lighting is now a means to convey a message. LumiTraxs Lighting solution for retail does the job by using various sensors. These sensors transmit relevant data such as foot traffic, presence of people, natural light, etc. All these are relevant to the retailer because the information can play a transformative role when it comes to arranging products and store layout in the most effective way. 

Lighting solutions for retail can be intimidating, especially for those unaware of its benefits and functions. But this system can be quite a game-changer. It is a powerful tool that your retail business needs to be more successful. Be two steps ahead of your competitors by being smart about your investments. Invest in intelligent lighting solutions today! 

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