Live Remote Video Monitoring Solutions for Loss Prevention

On September 23, 2015 By admin

The benefits associated with the proper use of a live remote video monitoring system are numerous and include improvements in the vital departments of cost-effectiveness, employee productivity, and loss prevention systems. CalAtlantic’s sophisticated system supplies you and your business with the essential security and protection that only a live video feed could provide through 24-hour monitoring and surveillance, as well as remote door access control.

A live remote video monitoring system can be customized to the unique needs of your business without compromising the dependable and efficient security needed to protect it. Additionally, CalAtlantic’s security solutions eliminate the need for on-site guards to patrol the facilities, without sacrificing on either cost or protection. Loss prevention systems are also improved and strengthened by the use of a live remote video monitoring system; for instance, the door access control system make it possible for management and security to track the movement of employees and other visitor’s as they enter and leave the building, as well as restrict access according to specific individuals or rooms. Moreover, this reduces labor and cost, as the entire process is digital and automatic, thus eliminating the potential for human error when it comes to matters of logistics.

As far as theft prevention is concerned, CalAtlantic’s video monitoring system is capable of detecting a threat as it happens in real time while alerting the proper authorities–all before you even realized that something was amiss!

Consider all the potential threats that go unseen by the human eye, and how a constant video monitoring and surveillance of your business has the potential to do something about it! Other cost-saving advantages associated with loss prevention include the ability to monitor after-hour deliveries and janitorial activities electronically from a distance. This integral approach to security and protection is the ideal cost- effective solution for your business!

If you are looking for a way to protect your business, give CalAtlantic a call today!


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