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When it comes to maintaining a comprehensive loss prevention system that can withstand all of the challenges currently facing the transport industry, CalAtlantic’s FleetTrax transportation solution provides a system that meets these challenges with asset monitoring and tracking technologies that are second to none.

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Loss Prevention System Tool: FleetTrax

FleetTrax acts as an asset management tool to assist your loss prevention system with minimizing risk during transit through superior tracking capabilities, such as enhanced RFID technology that allows you to constantly track the location of your inventory anywhere on the globe, no matter what stage of the transit process that asset is in. Moreover, the asset tracking systems component of the FleetTrax solution utilizes a GPS system which enhances the ability of your loss prevention system to reduce the potential for cargo deficits during transit, thus also dramatically reducing costs for your business. Real time inventory and GPS tracking reports for example, are some of the intelligent asset management tools that FleetTrax is capable of providing, both of which make it quick and simple to get the vital information your business needs at any time of day.

Risk Management During Transport

In addition to cargo and fleet monitoring, FleetTrax also offers premier solutions when it comes to risk management during the transit process. Since you have so much invested in the assets that are being transported, it is vital that the freight, as well as the freight operators are up to the task. With the solutions provided by FleetTrax, ensuring the safety, and promoting the efficiency of personnel has never been easier.

FleetTrax Additional Features

Solutions like the Vehicle Reversing Aid system and Distracted Driver technology are just two of the features, which help to dramatically decrease accidents and cargo loss during transit. To illustrate, the technology behind the Cell Phone Controls application makes it impossible for the driver of the delivery vehicle to operate their cell phone while the car or truck is in motion, thus eliminating the possibility for one of the most common causes of car accidents today, which is distracted driving. Similarly, this same feature also allows you to access important information regarding the vehicle’s speed, the mileage clocked during a period of time, as well as the active and inactive time–all of which can provide you a deeper insight into the day-to-day behaviors and activities of your employees, and is available at any time. What’s more, FleetTrax solution is easy to integrate into existing systems, yet another cost-saving effect of the FleetTrax system.

CalAtlantic’s FleetTrax solutions have transformed the way businesses interact with and protect their cargo through the exclusive tracking technologies and an improved loss prevention system, all the while keeping up with the demanding pace of today’s trade market. FleetTrax provides your business with the intelligent tools you need to minimize risk and keep asset loss minimal. Whether you want immediate information concerning a specific asset, a driver’s current status that is en route, or an inventory report, FleetTrax offers a comprehensive approach to loss prevention and risk management.

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